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Katerina By evonye Updated Feb 22

" She's different."
    " And tell me Asher why can't you have her?"
 " Because Clay... She's in the shadows."


She's honest
He lies
She's true to heart
He's not
She's beautiful
He's hot
She's talented
He's not
She's full of hope
He doesn't believe in hope
She smiles
He doesn't 
She's broken
He's ruined
She's a sociopath
He's a psychopath
She's insane
He's crazy
She's perfect
He's perfect
She's His Queen
He's her King

They became the King and Queen of the World
And God help ANYONE
Who disrespected the Queen.

Ok this is book One of Shadows. I hope you enjoy it and give me character ideas and who should play them ya know. Ok I love you all! 😘

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