20 Wishes of Maple Woods

20 Wishes of Maple Woods

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He is a big flirt. He is someone who can charm the pants right out of you. He loves to date. But there is something or rather someone he cherishes more than all those materialistic desires.

Even though he considers himself the worst of best friends that could be there, she begs to differ. However, to prove his worth he gives her a task. On her eighteenth birthday he asks his book-worm, introvert but slightly crazy bestie to write down eighteen wishes she always desired to be fulfilled adding two of his own spiced ones.

When you have two teens who have forever been together having a crazy adventure you expect laughs, tears, anger, jealousies, memories . . . love. You get all that.

Indulge in this temporary fairy-tale like life of Maple Woods and her extremely lovable other half Jason Saunders as they roller coaster their ride into what could be the best summer ever!!

Epicadrenaline Epicadrenaline Jun 19, 2016
Well I liked how feisty she was in the beginning, it was very cute. They became friends really instantly I guess that's just how bounds are made or something it just feels right. And BTW I love love the cover it's just so cute.
OreOJunkIe78 OreOJunkIe78 Jul 03, 2016
Hahaha...that is exactly how I made my best friend. By sheer force and bribery and everything became what it is. I love this beginning. So relatable and at the same time, funny.
- - Jun 10, 2016
How sweet! The interactions between Mapsy and Jay were adorable! And you wrote them in such a realistic way, doing things children their age would do. But I did spot a few run-ons like the very first sentence. Maybe split it into two sentences or add another comma there.
-hopeless-romantic -hopeless-romantic Aug 05, 2016
                              I like the stories where best friends find love. I hope to see some sweet moments soon.
                              I didn't understand why he said 'you book eater.' Do they know each other before?
                              Anyway, interesting start. Just edit it for commas and all. Keep writing.:)
Nadia___Barakat Nadia___Barakat Jun 02, 2016
 #Lullaby I like how you wrote this starting from when they were younger and all. The flow of the chapter was perfect and the prologue was just the right length. This chapter was really cute as well. I didn't see any mistakes at all.
JustBEfreEtoLivE JustBEfreEtoLivE May 31, 2016
                              Oh, the two of them are so cute together. And Jay what a classical boy behavior asking for her chocolates and cheating at runing... I realy liked them both. You described such a beautiful moment...