Pretty Little Fighter Girl

Pretty Little Fighter Girl

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    Those dirty little things that we all have and hide. Those are the things that we conceal within ourselves, hiding who we are and what we have gone through. 

   No one ever expected Celeste to be a fighter.  Nearly a year ago she was just the life of the party, a girl who could be anyone's friend. 

  Everything changed when she was kidnapped. 

   That week of captivity left her damaged beyond repair, or so she thought. Some people may not believe that there is hope for the old Celeste, yet that doesn't matter for some of those that care deeply about her. With her kidnapper still lurking in the shadows, Celeste feels that the only way to protect those that she cares for is to push them away from her. 

   She fights for the fear that follows her and the hope of self defense. She fights for her family and the lost friends that she's nearly forgotten. She fights for her future and the protection of her secrets.

   Those secrets create who we are and who we are destined to become. They shape us. We are who we are only with them. 

   This creates who Celeste is now, a mix of pain, strength, and hope. Some people believe that this makes her the Pretty Little Fighter Girl that she is today.

Most people would have never expected this of her...

Would you?

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sailormewmew sailormewmew Aug 16, 2017
Hi, I really love your story, I'm reading it again for the fiftieth time. I was thinking the song Control by Halsey really fit the character Celeste(a little bit but still a song you should check it out because it could also apply to the kidnapper.)
BlAckRosE7777777 BlAckRosE7777777 Mar 25, 2016
very interesting beginning. I feel terrible for her, poor girl
BlAckRosE7777777 BlAckRosE7777777 Mar 25, 2016
very interesting beginning. I feel terrible for her, poor girl
wayward_hunter wayward_hunter Jun 05, 2016
NO THATS WRONG Hope is the only thing stronger than fear GAWD
sacleveland sacleveland Apr 01, 2016
secrets are the way to safe those you love from the pain and darkness your demons show
- - Jan 25, 2016
It is pretty gruesome but I've heard worse so I can go along with it until I can't take it anymore but other than that this seems interesting and I would love to continue