Curvylicous (Joker Love Story 🃏)

Curvylicous (Joker Love Story 🃏)

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QueenofFanFitcion By QueenofFanFitcion Updated May 14, 2017

"You don't scare me anymore." I said firmly as I stared deep into his blue entrancing eyes. I told him I wasn't scared, but I was shaking and plus my heart was beating a mile away. He growled as he walked closer to me. I back up not wanting to be close to him. We kept going until my back hit the wall. He took my wrists and hung them above my head.

He bent his head close to me as he closed his eyes and growled. "If I don't then why are you shaking? Why is you're heart beating so fast? Admit it you're scared out of you're mind." He said. 

I held back the sobs that wanted to escape my mouth. This man was horrible. If I hadn't come to Gotham I wouldn't be in this mess at all.


Daisy Wayne is visiting Gotham city to live with her uncle Bruce Wayne. As soon as Daisy embraces her uncle she wants to leave because her uncle silently judges her:because of her body.

Daisy is a curvy woman, but she doesn't think so because if the hate she received as she was growing up.  So Daisy thinks she's a fat fuck.

At one of the infamous parties that Bruce Wayne throws guess who is the guess of honor. You've guessed. "Puddin/Joker."

The Joker kidnaps Daisy and keeps her hostages. But while she's staying there will the Joker kill her or will he want her to stay there with him? Will Daisy want to stay. Follow this confused pair on there path.🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏

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