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Karma Alexandra By 99990002648396oooppp Updated Feb 18, 2017

Sapphire (Saphie) is quiet and her packs members don't even know about her so when her family decides to move into town everyone's shocked they hadn't heard of a new arrival or felt one so they asked Charles, her father who the young beauty was

"my daughter" he would reply and continue on with the quiet little girl behind him, this continues until she is 19 no one has heard her voice as she whispers really lowly in her father's ear from time to time

Her mother kept her alongside her as Charles would help fight battles and keep pack order

Sapphire didn't look like her parents that much except her dark brown hair, whilst her parents had brown eyes she had blue/green eyes and her features were sharp

Sapphire's wolf is a shade of Sapphire and has beautiful eyes like Saphie

At 19 she finds herself running away from her parents

Everyone should have known I mean

It's common for she wolves to be kidnapped

Especially after their Alpha's (and parents) we're took down

When Sapphire finds herself on a territory she realizes it's to late to turn back as guards surround her

She tries really hard and speaks one word as she sees him "mate" they both hum in unison since her voice was so quiet over his loud one no one could hear it as she fainted from exhaustion

King Arden the element wolf of water, he makes the drops fall from the sky as he picks up his mate in his arms,she shifts from her little wolf as he hides her from view and puts his shirt on her cuddling her to his chest

They walk back to the pack house in silence and he locks her in a room.

This man is cruel, a killer, a MONSTER, and yet she was bound to love him.

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greyvsgray666 greyvsgray666 Jan 16, 2018
Please for the love of all that is holy update this story!!!!!!!!!!!!
BexiBug BexiBug Nov 15, 2017
If you made the HIM a twin it would totally explain why HE wants her and would be going after Arden's mates since it's a common idea that twins have the same mate. Plus, just think of the drama!!!!!!!
Kashika1 Kashika1 Mar 17, 2017
This is one of the best pieces I have read on this site. I love it!
                              P.S. I found your book in the rising section. It deserved to be read.
                              I would be very grateful if you can give my work a read too :)
Millie_RoseXx Millie_RoseXx Nov 02, 2017
I love this story so far I can't wait for you to write more.
scobbylover70 scobbylover70 Nov 13, 2017
I like your book very much plz continue it and email at scobbylover70@yahoo.com when you start the story again thank you and take care of your self and God bless you always but plz continue it