Stalked And Stolen [The Blood Captive Book One/ON HOLD]

Stalked And Stolen [The Blood Captive Book One/ON HOLD]

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Sophie Louise By SophieXLouise Updated Jun 05, 2016

"Obey me or be punished. Or maybe, I'll just kill you."

They say you see your life pass by you when you near death. And in Lexi Heart's secluded universe, she sees death everyday.

Torn away from serene suburban life, Lexi was forced to play the role of a little toy to one vindictive devil with a malicious vendetta against her father. He threw her around and used her for their own pleasure. The punishment, savage. The torture, animalistic. 

And he just getting started.


  • abuse
  • brothers
  • caller
  • cellar
  • copyright
  • drug
  • father
  • human
  • hurt
  • kidnapped
  • knife
  • pain
  • rules
  • series
  • stalked
  • stalker
  • stolen
  • whip
jazzizzdoyle jazzizzdoyle Sep 14, 2016
Do you like people to help with your grammar or would you prefer that the mistakes were ignored until you have a chance to edit the story yourself?
silentsky_ silentsky_ May 07, 2014
i really like the idea of your book. the description interested me and the trailer was totally amazing. honestly it looks great so far. c:
Ripples10660 Ripples10660 Jan 12, 2014
I agree! People should write their own works and not steal copying is the same as stealing and its wrong bc its not theirs. :D
SashaLeighS SashaLeighS Jan 07, 2014
I like the description. it's very catchy and draws your readers in :)
awkwardlifes awkwardlifes Dec 20, 2013
This book looks really interesting! I love how she isn't going to fall in love with her kidnapper.  It sounds very realistic and captivating :)
Tommo230 Tommo230 Dec 18, 2013
I really look forward to reading this! :3 The summary makes the book sound amazing, dark, and chilling, all in the right ways! Finally, a story on wattpad that isn't cliche and actually demonstrates the horror of kidnapping! haha :)