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Zustin by otp4ever
Zustinby otp4ever
"Can I have your number?" "I literally just gave you your first drink for tonight." "It's not like I asked for your home address!" ...
Runaway Prince ( A Zustin Mieber Fanfiction)  by ZeeLyNA
Runaway Prince ( A Zustin Mieber F...by The Book Girl
He is criminal I'm a prince He misses his family I ran away from mine ..... In which Zayn Javvaad Malik a prince falls in love with Justin Drew Bieber a world wide want...
half a heart  » zustin by babydoIl
half a heart » zustinby k a l i
❝I'm half a heart without you.❞
Reputation (Zustin) by officalwriterx
Reputation (Zustin)by officalwriterx
What will happen when Royalty Meets Reality find out in my new story Reputation
Fighting For Us by -cheekybeanie-
Fighting For Usby Fandom of 28
I may seem like I'm okay, but I'm not. Half the things I do would make my mom kill me but maybe that's what I want. Things aren't always easy...
London Bridge by asdwefhjjklimcz
London Bridgeby Sjk
in which two pop stars fall in love but are unable to finish their story in one lifetime. ××× a zustin fanfic
Unfaithful Love || Zustin by babeofbeauty
Unfaithful Love || Zustinby b a b e
Zayn Malik is a 23 year old wannabe fashion designer living a rather normal life, other than the fact he's having an affair with the one and only Justin Bieber. »Zustin...
The Man Next Door (Zustin Mieber) by varilyn
The Man Next Door (Zustin Mieber)by back at it again
The element piece of information every Belieber and Directioner knew was mainly about Zayn Malik from One Direction moving into the mansion next to Justin Bieber's large...
Drive [zustin mieber au] by livingslut
Drive [zustin mieber au]by .
An au where a poor and ruthless mechanic grows fond of the son of a rich, powerful and bigoted car company owning man. © 2015, livingslut.
smol bean 》zustin by rearviewz
smol bean 》zustinby ♡
"you know, your glasses are halfway down your nose." "you know, you should mind your damn business." or the story in which justin can't help but be a...
Soon » Zustin by breathingzarry
Soon » Zustinby breathingzarry
Where Justin needs Zayn back and in return receives an ambush of dormant feelings. Alive but just waiting to be triggered. Until, of course, the tragic happens. Or; bec...
Zustin || Oneshots by gvnsandtvmblr
Zustin || Oneshotsby joseph. 🥀
zustin one shots by yours truly.
Purpose [Zustin Mieber] by zaynpsyco
Purpose [Zustin Mieber]by Ally
Sequel to wrong Zayn leaves the band friendships are on the line Justin finding out about Selena and zayn Promises are broken Life is hard..... (sorry for the errors...
How to be gay |zustin mieber| (boyxboy) by zaynpsyco
How to be gay |zustin mieber| (boy...by Ally
time*lunch period* location*cafeteria* am gay...Zayn stated calmly to his bestfriend WHAT???? justin yelled as he fell out his sit in shock with his eyes wide I said am...
My Savior «Zustin Mieber» DD/lb by MrsBieberLynch
My Savior «Zustin Mieber» DD/lbby Hailey
"You're okay, I promise I won't hurt you," Justin coos to the boy laying on the ground. Zayn whimpers as he moves away from the EMT. "Hey, you're going to...
incubus { zustin one-shot } by lxstdxst
incubus { zustin one-shot }by lxstdxst
"Forgive me God, for I have sinned." And it was wrong, but I enjoyed every moment of it.
The High Club (Zustin Mieber) by varilyn
The High Club (Zustin Mieber)by back at it again
Everyone knows about the movie, The Breakfast Club, but this is unalike. 6 completely different guys went to an all - boys school and somehow, all of them receieved a de...
Complicated relationships ( Zustin fanfic )  by meow_ss
Complicated relationships ( Zustin...by 9o9o
Justin Bieber is a well known actors in Hollywood, but that doesn't change the fact that he is an uptight a$shole . Age:25 Zayn Malik is a boy whose life depends on pu...
Picture Perfect. [Zustin Mieber] by vodkadrews
Picture Perfect. [Zustin Mieber]by vodkadrews
Zayn and Justin Bieber have been happily married for 20 long years. They have three beautiful children, live in a big house and have two dogs named Lexi and Blaze. While...
Zustin One Shots  by RobiannaBlair1
Zustin One Shots by RobiannaBlair1
Love story between zayn and justin aka zustin