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Pillow Talk 》Zustin AU by OopsHiYoonmin
Pillow Talk 》Zustin AUby nay.
A story in which an innocent senior is sexually corrupted by his irresistible new neighbor 《》 Zayn Malik is a 17 year old senior in high school, innocent and a loner, de...
Celeb Group Chat by primarinaa
Celeb Group Chatby Cher ♡
Dirty games, tea, drama, heated arguments, breakups, hookups, opinions and more. ?
baby boy [zustin mieber] [book 1] by rendezvousboy
baby boy [zustin mieber] [book 1]by donny
there just aren't enough zustin books. #13 in #supergay as of 8/28/18 #34 in #zustin as of 10/9/18 #2 in #mieber as of 2/12/19
soul mates 》zustin by rearviewz
soul mates 》zustinby ♡
soul marks. every person is born with a soul mark, this mark signifies your soulmate; the person who you are to be with for the rest of your life. zayn thinks it's bulls...
Masters' Masterpiece ( bdsm / Zastin / Ddlb/ boyxman) by jaztynbae
Masters' Masterpiece ( bdsm / Zast...by M. M.
BDSM DDLB Boyxman Zaynxjustinxjason Three way relationship Threesome
Text Me Later ?! by ZeeLyNA
Text Me Later ?!by The Book Girl
Hey Zee, got Ya number what's up? ! Delivered 3:54 pm Who is this?! 9:02 pm You don't know me. 9:03 pm Then why are you texting me?! 9:07pm Or Where Zayn Malik begi...
Baby Boy | Zustiall AU [COMPLETE] by cptnrogers
Baby Boy | Zustiall AU [COMPLETE]by alex!!
"He's so fucking precious...I want him so bad, Zayn!" "I know, but we have to be gentle, Justin. I don't want to corrupt him." © 2016 by Alex. Warnin...
Picture Perfect. [Zustin Mieber] by vodkadrews
Picture Perfect. [Zustin Mieber]by vodkadrews
Zayn and Justin Bieber have been happily married for 20 long years. They have three beautiful children, live in a big house and have two dogs named Lexi and Blaze. While...
Closed Doors (Justin Bieber & Zayn Malik) by zmelec
Closed Doors (Justin Bieber & Zayn...by صوفيا (Sophia)
Eight months ago Zayn Malik willing departed from the internationally famous boy band that put his name on the map, now Zayn's comfortable enough to want to reboot his c...
Spotlight Sub // l.s bdsm by MagicalLarry
Spotlight Sub // l.s bdsmby Karla
The biggest boy band in the world is made up off 3 dominants and 2 submissives. When Harry took his test on his 18th birthday to get matched with his dominant, he didn'...
BRIGHT (ZAYN Watty's 2017) by befourzjm
BRIGHT (ZAYN Watty's 2017)by p
In which a musician falls for an actress with the help of social media. Or In which a singer and actress meet through social media and find their happiness within each...
JB One Shots 2.0 [Zustin] by HopelessRealist
JB One Shots 2.0 [Zustin]by madina
A continuation of my first one shots book. Featuring my infamously creative and inconsistent Zustin one shot series: 1.) 27 Tuxes (slow updates, mostly spontaneous upda...
Young and Innocent (MPreg)(BoyxBoy)(Zustin) by Spiro96Beliectioner
Young and Innocent (MPreg)(BoyxBoy...by Spiro96Beliectioner
Zayn Malik is an eighteen year old with a habit of ordering people around; he loves to control people. Justin bieber is a fourteen year old kid, innocent as a feather an...
Chat Me [Zustin - BoyxBoy] by MiaUnfaithful
Chat Me [Zustin - BoyxBoy]by MiaUnfaithful
Crazy things happen when Justin finds a random snapchat name in a public toilet and starts a conversation with this person. [Zustin - Boy x Boy]
BAKERY BOY | zustin ✔ by detroyet
BAKERY BOY | zustin ✔by rosie
"You really don't know who I am?" Zayn looked at the man and tilted his head before shaking it, "No idea. Should I?" The man smiled and shook his hea...
Runaway Prince ( A Zustin Mieber Fanfiction)  by ZeeLyNA
Runaway Prince ( A Zustin Mieber F...by The Book Girl
He is criminal I'm a prince He misses his family I ran away from mine ..... In which Zayn Javvaad Malik a prince falls in love with Justin Drew Bieber a world wide want...
Best Mistake☽  Zustin Mieber AU by xojared
Best Mistake☽ Zustin Mieber AUby amethyst
Zayn Malik is a normal 16 year old boy , who was home schooled his whole life but everything quickly changes right after he goes to Mystic Wood High then quickly meets 4...
One Shots. [BoyxBoy] by vodkadrews
One Shots. [BoyxBoy]by vodkadrews
[BOYXBOY] Justin Bieber One Shots Ft. Jastin Zustin With Female!Zayn and Female!Justin [] Requests Open [X] Requests Closed; unless asked Started January 201...
he don't like the lights ♡ ziall/zustin/jiall au [COMPLETE] by cptnrogers
he don't like the lights ♡ ziall/z...by alex!!
"i know you're with him, but i gotta know, zayn. you love me, right?" "you gotta believe me. i love you, niall." [started 5.23.16] - - - or the one w...
no more drama\\\Groupchat|3| by chainzen
no more drama\\\Groupchat|3|by fray
LEGENDS kitabının 3.kitabıdır.Sırasıyla;legends,return to old days,no more drama./tamamlandı/