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Floating White Lotus by A-Marlene-S
Floating White Lotusby Unsung-Knight
Book One: Water Floating White Lotus, a former fire nation ship that was converted into a traveling tea shop. The shop is led by the rumored the Dragon of the West, (No...
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Sunny dragon  by loveacting
Sunny dragon by loveacting
I was four years old when my farther left for the great siege I was five years old when i found out he was killed. I inherited my mothers tan skin and her blue eyes that...
  • iroh
  • zuko
Fire You Are (Zuko Love Story) by Robotii
Fire You Are (Zuko Love Story)by Andrea
Aida arrived as a young child to the South Pole Water Tribes after a Fire Nation raid. Left alone when everyone had left, a kind old lady decided to take her in without...
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  • firebender
  • zuko
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Sokka: guardian of the water tribe by werewolf259226
Sokka: guardian of the water tribeby werewolf259226
It all started when sokka saw ang,toph,zoku,and katara with bending power and he felt left out so he went somewhere to clear his head.
  • waterbender
  • sokka
  • toph
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Courting A Prince by Miokichi
Courting A Princeby Mio
You remember Avatar the last Airbender? Remember Prince Zuko? Yeah, I seem to keep bumping into him since I've reincarnated into an earth tribe. I wanted to live quietl...
  • romance
  • firetribe
  • princezuko
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Gone away by loveacting
Gone awayby loveacting
My brother and I were always close we are twins born on the same day. Zuko always joked that he was older. Still as the male the son he was the heir never me. Worse fart...
  • fire
  • healing
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What is the Avatar? by Bethany_leslie
What is the Avatar?by Pidgeon_1205
It's just a normal day for the students of UA high. That is, until a group of unusual people fall into the training room. There is a boy with arrows all over is body, an...
  • zatara
  • gaang
  • bakugo
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Divinity: Aang x Fem!Reader by izekyto
Divinity: Aang x Fem!Readerby Jessie
Water Earth Fire Air Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four el...
  • zuko
  • cartoon
  • toph
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Pain and Healing by Lm022205
Pain and Healingby Laiba Malik
Zuko has already gone through a lot, but he knew that couldn't be an excuse for his mistakes. Instead, he takes on all the pain and suffering the GAang want to inflict o...
  • aang
  • katarahateszuko
  • toph
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The demise of the Fire Nation by loveacting
The demise of the Fire Nationby loveacting
It's been 12 years since the end of the 100 year war. Peace was achieved but there are still those who believe the fire nation has to pay.
  • zuko
To Lose of To Gain: Iron's Child (AtlA Fanfic) by yemihikari
To Lose of To Gain: Iron's Child (...by Yemi Hikari
Zuko knows from Azula's own mouth that Fire Lord Azulon ordered Ozai to sacrifice his first born son in order that Ozai might redeem himself in Azulon's eyes. He in fact...
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  • hurt-comfort
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Pokaż mi jak wygrywać by julcia0019
Pokaż mi jak wygrywaćby julcia0019
Losy Zuko i Hailey chociaż nie zawsze były kolorowe to teraz żyją długo ale czy na pewno szczęśliwie? Naród Ognia ma poważne kłopoty teraz kiedy potrzebują pomocy innych...
  • katara
  • zuko
  • ziemia
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Trustworthy or Traitor by geekglassesgirl
Trustworthy or Traitorby geekglassesgirl
I do not own Avatar the last Airbender. Follows the idea the gang accepted Zuko as a prisoner in the Western Air Temple.
  • westernairtemple
  • bloodbending
  • zuko
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1. | HEKIMA ↠ AVATAR THE LAST AIRB...by ❛ αnthi - chan !
❝i want to go on an adventure so much, but i have a promise to keep, and i don't break my promises.❞ The Southern Water Tribe has suffered enough. The one century old wa...
  • sokka
  • hekima
  • chief
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El Destino... [Zuko & Tú] by CrystalGenms
El Destino... [Zuko & Tú]by Crystal
Ella dejó todo atrás para ir en busca del amor de su vida, a quien no habia visto desde que fue desterrado por su padre y partió en busqueda del Avatar para restaurar su...
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Elements [Prince Zuko x Reader] by BandGeek4Life8
Elements [Prince Zuko x Reader]by Cat
He is the banished prince of the Fire Nation and she is just a girl with no knowledge of her past.
  • avatarxreader
  • water
  • princezukoxreader
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Avatar: The Lost Story by princessofthbasement
Avatar: The Lost Storyby sara♡
Hidden deep within the Dragonbone Catacombs lies a story never meant to see the light of day. After Firelord Sozin committed the unforgivable act of genocide, very few a...
  • originalcharacters
  • water
  • airbending
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The Cave of Two Lovers by Flakyism
The Cave of Two Loversby Flaky!!
A one-shot about Prince Zuko and Admiral Zhao losing their way in the caves of Omashu, where it is only true love that shall light the way out.
  • tlok
  • princezuko
  • avatarthelastairbender
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