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Secret Lover ✓ by Lostwriter_1
Secret Lover ✓by Krupa
Adiya love story Peep in to know more
Unexpected Feelings ✓ by Lostwriter_1
Unexpected Feelings ✓by Krupa
An orphan, Zoya, who lost her parents at a very young age, has always craved for love. When God snatched the people who used to love her, she chooses a man by herself to...
His Salvation  by QuerenciaHaven
His Salvation by ʀᴇ~ʀᴏsᴇ
In the aftermath of her husband's death Zoya Siddiqui is a shell of her former self. Still madly in love with the man who did nothing but hurt her, she remains but that...
The jealousy pangs! by Lolmum
The jealousy pangs!by Lolmum
After Aditya Hooda returns back to Mumbai,India, his Bestfriend Zoya Siddiqui is more than elated! Join the journey of two people who've realised their love for each oth...
Chaotic Love ✓ by Lostwriter_1
Chaotic Love ✓by Krupa
It is an interesting tale which depicts, "I don't want to get married" to "How the hell am I supposed to convince them to get me married!" Prompt by...
AdiYa: She Doesn't Know!! (18+) by taihatarique5
AdiYa: She Doesn't Know!! (18+)by taiha tarique
Aditya sat next to Zoya in the bed. And embraced her from sideways. He kissed her cheek first. He said, "Oh! You are so young, both soft and and so firm!" His...
Adhura Alviida 2  by eternalsunshine4u
Adhura Alviida 2 by eternalsunshine4u
Continuation of Bepannaah's ending track through the eyes of AdiYa's daughter
Our Little Bliss - An AdiYa Fiction by shruxfantasia
Our Little Bliss - An AdiYa Fictionby ஸ் r u t h y
{ - • - • - } He peeked into the dark bedroom, giving his best not to wake anyone up, and slowly yet impatiently reached the armchair located in one corner of the room...
It Was Only You by Sewz_AZ
It Was Only Youby ❥ 𝘗𝘶𝘳𝘱𝘭𝘦 𝘝𝘪𝘣𝘦𝘴 👸🏻
#1 of #Bepannaah - as of 11th May 2019 #1 of #Aditya (11th of May accordingly) Going through equally miserable situations in their lives, Aditya Hooda & Zoya Siddiqui we...
Zaroorat by Meera1903
Zarooratby Meera1903
The story starts after Aditya returns from Paris. What would have happened if Aditya and Zoya had had time to explore their feelings and love for each other! This book s...
Contract Commitment ▪︎ADIYA▪︎ by QuerenciaHaven
Contract Commitment ▪︎ADIYA▪︎by ʀᴇ~ʀᴏsᴇ
After three complacent years of a contract marriage that suits both their needs emotionally but never physically, Aditya has had enough of desiring something more with h...
Aashnaa (Companion)(Completed✅) by amrutharad
Aashnaa (Companion)(Completed✅)by Amrutha
Zoya had love in her life and life in everything she did. She had known only smiles and innocence. But her life takes a complete turn at a point which forces her to chos...
Adiya/Jenshad Shots  by Meera1903
Adiya/Jenshad Shots by Meera1903
Hi all! This is the book for the OSs that I was thinking to write! These will contain both Adiya and Jenshad shots! I hope you enjoy reading them! Much love Meera
In The Stars || AdiYa FF by Erisedwitch45
In The Stars || AdiYa FFby Erisedwitch45
#1 in AdYa (17.08 to 1.09.18) #69 in Travel (27.10.18) || Zoya Siddiqui, for the first time in her life, throws caution to the wind and goes to Ireland chasing after som...
The Man I Hate by QuerenciaHaven
The Man I Hateby ʀᴇ~ʀᴏsᴇ
Aditya knows his to be wife's sister Zoya hates him, there's only one issue- he can't work out why. Zoya makes his heart race in ways that Pooja just can't, but she also...
Feeling! by _the_introvert_
Feeling!by Mysterious
This is the story about Zoya and Aditya. Their journey from being strangers to life partners. It may sound very simple story, it is but with something unique. The st...
Will You Marry Me? by UniQuantum
Will You Marry Me?by UniQuantum
A twisted tale of the Nikaah of Zoya Siddiqui and Aditya Hooda! Dig in!
The Lovers by UniQuantum
The Loversby UniQuantum
Based on last track of the ITV show Bepannaah. Let's have a look if we can have these scarred soles, Aditya Hooda and Zoya Siddiqui, together, with some soulful moments...
AdiYa One Shots - Bepannaah by _eternal_soul_
AdiYa One Shots - Bepannaahby eternal soul
One Shots on my favourite couple Adiya from my favourite show Bepannaah. This is my way to get over the abrupt end of our beloved show. I am just a beginner, so feedbac...
AdiYa: Phoenix by Sanjanamehra
AdiYa: Phoenixby Sanjanamehra
Disclaimer: the storyline is mine but the characters and background of the characters is from an Indian TV show "Bepannah". I do not own any of the characters...