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Grand Line - Grand News by Bobbylein
Grand Line - Grand Newsby Bobbylein
Sanji and Zoro have been together since before they split up for two years. When they meet again their love is the same but Sanji is not. Or his body isn't. Getting preg...
Drunk (Zosan Fluff) by doomed-writer
Drunk (Zosan Fluff)by Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrus...
Zoro won't let anyone touch his booz. No exceptions. But maybe a cute drunk Sanji... Could be a good exception. Anonymous said: For your fanfics: Zosan, sfw, not au pl...
Inheritance (One Piece Fanfic) by Zo3ycasaNova
Inheritance (One Piece Fanfic)by Zoe
Following the events previously taken place on Thriller Bark. Roronoa Zoro is still recuperating from his ordeal with Bartholomew Kuma, leaving him traumatized and in a...
Mugiwara High (One Piece WA 2017) by madhatter_85
Mugiwara High (One Piece WA 2017)by Lj-kun
Sanji Vinesmoke can't believe he got into the highschool of his dreams, but a overprotective father and a careless jock seem to ruin his day before it even begins. ~~~ A...
[MODERN AU/HIGHSCHOOL AU] COMPLETED☑️ Sanji Vinsmoke and his best friend Monkey D. Luffy own the most popular bakery in his town "Baratie" with their fathers...
Stupid Marimo by Bobbylein
Stupid Marimoby Bobbylein
After Zoro had taken Luffy's pain from Bartolomew Kuma he is in a coma and Sanji sits with him as much as he can. Slowly he understands what he was feeling for the other...
U wanna kill me huh?~ ZoSan  by Haruto_Dono
U wanna kill me huh?~ ZoSan by Haruto_Dono
hanahaki ZoSan fanfic....TwT...doing that bcs noone did this...or i Didnt find it...i Hope Someone Will enjoy this one ;3
ZoSan: The Pleasure Boy by OnKeyJongTaeMin
ZoSan: The Pleasure Boyby gaynibba
Strawhats lands on the summer island Erusaelp, and oddly tries to win off a sex slave in an auction. [ A ZoroxSanji Fanfiction - R18 ] COMPLETED ✔ [3-8-2021] Under Editi...
Pastel Hearts~ Zosan by erenackerman1225
Pastel Hearts~ Zosanby ZOSAN FOREVER
Sanji had an abusive father who killed his own wife(Sanjis mum). Whenever he would go to school, he would get bullied because he wasn't popular and because of his scars...
-zosan-one-shot-  by 2OWF61
-zosan-one-shot- by T.F
I saw this picture of zoro and sanji and gave me and idea to write this story. ... I don't own the picture or the charcter they belong to oda ... ... ... anyway you can...
How Romantic by AlisonDescus
How Romanticby AlisonDescus
After leaving Punk Hazad, Zoro acts strangely following some events that took place on the island. ZoSan. ZoroxSanji.
Sanji's Secret by ViperGrim
Sanji's Secretby Viper Grim
Sanji has a secret, but will it be reviled? Will his box be found? Will his beloved hate him? Zosan Part two: http://my.w.tt/UiNb/hcHE0FtPZw Sanji's Secret-two years of...
How I Met Your Father (Sanji x Zolo) by LittleSnowCloud
How I Met Your Father (Sanji x Zol...by LittleSnowCloud
"Dad, how did you and Sanji get together?" "Hm? Well, if you really wanna know. It wasn't pretty at first. Me and your father, we almost hated each other...
What Is Love?  (Zosan) by YaoiShipsMaster
What Is Love? (Zosan)by Yaoi_is_my_life
Zoro is so confused, Luffy and Nami got together, Robin and Sanji are so obvious, but he has no place.. he loves Sanji, but if Robin gets him, and if Sanji loves Robin...
Zoro x Sanji ✨ by volleybal_milky
Zoro x Sanji ✨by Mafuyu Kageyama
I recently got into this ship for some reason and I need some purification ✨ I can't look at Sanji the same way after reading my first doujinshi of them. I wanted to rea...
Adore You  by iciclesthecat
Adore You by Icicles Snow
Sanji's neighbor has just moved in not too long ago. But he can't work up the nerve to talk to him. You see, because he's seven years older then him.
zosan images by brokenporsline
zosan imagesby broken porcline
*warning images may contain sexual content and sex*
The Greatest Swordswoman by white_pillar
The Greatest Swordswomanby white_pillar
Our greatest swordsman if he were a she! Hiding her gender as we head towards the grand line, she aims to become the strongest swordsman. Something seems off to Sanji th...
A Challenge by heichouisnotyourhoe
A Challengeby heichouisnotyourhoe
The one where Sanji challenges Zoro to use Sanji as a weight for a workout session.
ZoSan Oneshots by MilkTeaAndChill
ZoSan Oneshotsby Sach
One shots for my otp~ The quality should get better as you read lmfao Highest: ZoSan #3, SanZo #1 Published on 17/11/2020