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secrets around the demons by Lolrrb46
secrets around the demonsby Simba23
After the battle in thriller bark, the straw hats set sail again to find new adventures awaits them. During the trip, Zoro was still heavily injured by the Tyrant Kuma...
Im Inlove with an Idiot by Destoyer_Milim_Nava
Im Inlove with an Idiotby Destroyer_Milim_Nava
what if Luffy fell in love with Hancock in his 2yr training and accept Hancock's love and now their on a relation ship luffy asked Hancock to Join his Crew so they don't...
Zoro x Robin: The Stuff of Legends by AmirBadass007
Zoro x Robin: The Stuff of Legendsby Tatsumaki
Zoro sacrifices himself for Luffy, giving his life for him at Thriller Bark. The distraught Straw hats struggle to decide to what to do next, then Robin reveals a Legen...
The Daughter of Two Pirates  by Rumbler651
The Daughter of Two Pirates by
Just an idea I came up with where two pirates are brought to a new world.
My One Piece by ShiningTear
My One Pieceby Shining Tear
One Piece never end even after Raftel. This is a story afer everything, adventure never ends for Straw Hats. Nami won't accept the new fillings she begint to feel towa...
Zoro Snaps by Mikeycat1065
Zoro Snapsby Mikeycat1065
one-piece story with zorobin in it . follows Zoro who enters a declining mental state and lets his emotion out The characters are not mine but are owned by Oda sensei.
A swordsman and an archaeologist by thecrazydiamonds
A swordsman and an archaeologistby thecrazydiamonds
The Straw Hats come across a strange island with thick jungle growing all around. There seems to be no life on the island, no birds, no beasts. However, there is a threa...
Which do you choose? by Joana9724
Which do you choose?by Joana
This is a One piece comic⚠️ The characters are not mine they belong to the creator of One piece ⚠️ Trafagal D Law, Nico robin and Roronoa Zoro are in a love triangle bot...
Those That Got Away by fria_nela
Those That Got Awayby fria_nela
It's usually these 3 reasons why we get hurt in love; making the wrong decision of letting go, being too numb to accept your feelings, and the infamous friendzone. It's...
Grand Line University  by DommyKuma
Grand Line University by Weeb energy
Grand Line University is a haven for those who want to venture the seas. They have plenty of courses made solely to help you sail the oceans. Monkey D. Luffy is the gran...
Luffy X Hancock: Love and War (RM) by TheFilletMinion
Luffy X Hancock: Love and War (RM)by TheFilletMinion
Boa Hancock is arrested after helping the Strawhat pirates escape Sabaody. After rescuing her from Marijois, Luffy asks her to join his crew, and they travel to fishman...
The Unexpected Romance by fria_nela
The Unexpected Romanceby fria_nela
Love doesn't always go the way we plan it. For some, it might be unexpected. But you can call it meant to be. The success of each person lies in our power to trust in ot...
New World High  by devontaevaa21_
New World High by devontaevaa21_
One Piece High School Luffy x Hancock Zoro x Robin Sanji x Nami +Others Just a little fun with Luffy as he deals with new friends, enemies and... a lover?
Virtual Destiny  by jcm_mntz1124
Virtual Destiny by jcm_mntz1124
In this story, the two of them get interested in a certain game, which makes them meet. Inside of this game, Nami was showing her strong and confident side, which she wa...
ZoRobin by Akiraph
ZoRobinby Akiraph
Zoro and Robin have always been in love with each other. They always hang out and everyone knows they should be together. It's totally obvious they like each other. On...
It's Always Been You (OnePiece Fanfic) by Lord_Roronoa
It's Always Been You (OnePiece Fan...by Roronoa Zoro
This is A Zorobin and Harem based One Piece High School Story which goes around The Life Of Roronoa Zoro and people around him... Zoro was a 4 years old kid who lost his...
Separated For A Year| Zorobin Fan Fiction[COMPLETED] by seirotsdapttaw96
Separated For A Year| Zorobin Fan...by oh
I'm Not Good At Writing A Story Description So I'm just gonna tell you that this is my first Story ^^ I don't own One piece If I did I would Have made Zorobin CANON I On...
his empress | luhan  by astrolla
his empress | luhan by sav <3
it was the motto of the company, "her emperor, his empress." in which luffy is the ceo of a makeup corporation and hancock is the designated model. drama, stal...
Zoro x Robin : Aventures palpitantes by Story-of-Merry
Zoro x Robin : Aventures palpitant...by Story-of-Merry
Histoire sur le couple Zoro x Robin dans l'univers original de One Piece Prend place après l'ellipse des 2 ans et les évènement de Wano. Suivons les aventures de nos com...
ZoRobin :The best way to fall for you by 215made
ZoRobin :The best way to fall for...by anime_oryx
All the characters belong to Oda-sensei.🤩 The picture belong to the rightful owner,I don't know who made it.😅 Go read my first ZoRobin Fan Fic.😆