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Zombie Apocalypse Otome Game. Reincarnated Twice?! by Ethearis
Zombie Apocalypse Otome Game. Rein...by Ethearis
I honestly love otome games. But this... "You have got to be kidding me!!!" What the heck am I suppose to do In a Zombie apocalypse Otome game! Sure one time...
Flesh Start by MissBea22
Flesh Startby Bea
When pretty much most of the world has turned into Flesh Eating Canibals from an infection getting out, Charlie and Ash, Two Friends From Scotland travel across to Cali...
A walking dead story by DJAngel13
A walking dead storyby DJAngel13
This is a fan fiction of the walking dead. I am making a story about a girl who is going to be inputed in the tv series story and go along with them, so it will be along...
Still Alive  by SnowflakeStorys
Still Alive by SnowflakeStorys
This story is about a girl who some how ends up in a zombie apocalypse with the worst person she could imagine. But then they have a huge disagreement and leave each oth...
Just pull the trigger... (a Glenn Rhee fanfic) by ChrisLanzonGurl2016
Just pull the trigger... (a Glenn...by ChrisLanzonGurl2016
Maddison is all alone in this world that went to shit. She has no one to save her when she needs them the most. will she make it out alive or give up?... will Glenn be h...