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Fighting Chance by camilla_fan16
Fighting Chanceby Rach Hawkins x
How will Ollie cope when his new bride Zosia relapses? Will he stand by her or will her run from the woman he loves? This story follows Zosia and Ollie's relationship th...
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The woods by zollie_holbycity
The woodsby @zollie_holbycity
LETS GET THIS TO 7K COMPLETED, check out my other stories! Contestants: Ollie Zosia Mo Dom Arthur Morvern Cara Raf
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Loving Or Losing by DarveyXOX
Loving Or Losingby Nic
Jac is fine the way she is and is loveless and after Jonny left she thought that was it but what will happen when the love of her life returns to Holby City Hospital wit...
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Holby City Oneshots by flaczollieberena1906
Holby City Oneshotsby flaczollieberena1906
Holby City Oneshots. Mainly going to be Flac. Open to requests
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The way thing should be  by Holbyluv
The way thing should be by Holbyluv :)
Au set in relatively modern holby where Dom and zosia and Arthur are still there ❤️ Featuring: zollie, flac, dofty and much more
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Dofty - Unbelievable  by holbygalaxy
Dofty - Unbelievable by holbygalaxy
COMPLETED Dom gets an invite to Zosia and Ollie's wedding but feels too embarrassed to go alone. He takes Lofty, the Keller newbie, and an unlikely relationship blossom...
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Something Always Brings Me Back To You by zosiasvalentine
Something Always Brings Me Back To...by Jodie
Post Group Animal Part 2. Zosia was planning a romantic Christmas surprise, and she couldn't wait. She'd been looking forward to it for weeks, counting down the days and...
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Unconditional by zollie_1403
Unconditionalby Heather
After the death of Tara, Ollie returns to Holby. What will happen after he meets Zosia? Will he tell her how he really feels or will the guilt of falling for someone el...
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All you need is love by jacnaylcr
All you need is loveby Liv
One year Jac and Emma are alone for Christmas so fletch decides to invite them round for Christmas, Jac and fletch find themselves watching a film together, will they di...
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Zollie - A forbidden love by ZollieHolbyCity
Zollie - A forbidden loveby Eve
Holby City Fanfiction about Zosia and Ollie~ Zosia and Ollie are keeping their relationship a secret, but secrets have a way of coming out. How will the couple deal with...
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February Zollie oneshots/story-parts by zollie_holbycity
February Zollie oneshots/story-par...by @zollie_holbycity
This will be one oneshot or story part per day throughout February (29 days) Mine are going to be 400 words plus not like many! Thanks for 6k+ views! X
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After Holby by Bethxxx0409
After Holbyby Bethxxx0409
Zosia left holby to go to Yale. Leaving her boyfriend Ollie behind. Not long after she's left Ollie gets shot and left with a traumatic brain injury. He is told he will...
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Ollie and Zosia  by zollie_holbycity
Ollie and Zosia by @zollie_holbycity
Hi guys! Please check out my other stories - two are at 5k and thanks I really appreciate that! Sorry for being inactive for like 3 months :(
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Zollie Christmas!  by zollie_holbycity
Zollie Christmas! by @zollie_holbycity
GET THIS TO 0.5k A Christmas Eve/Day, Boxing Day special :))
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Tell Me How You Feel by busbaby
Tell Me How You Feelby dude
5k more reads than it deserves
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Holby city Oneshots/ Competition Entries by Victoria_Lyons_
Holby city Oneshots/ Competition E...by Victoria_Lyons_
I will be using this book to write oneshots, host competitions or enter competitions. Enjoy
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kindred Spirits  by TheLittleMissSwan
kindred Spirits by ColifersLilBean
Ollies time is running out... Zosia's a very popular young lady who's catching the eye of not just one male but two. With Ollie's competition swiftly increasing, can he...
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Zosia and Ollie: Falling for you by zosiaftollie
Zosia and Ollie: Falling for youby Danielle
Zosia and Ollie have worked together for months as the "Oz team."Zosia and Ollie have both been unlucky in love before and have been cautious ever since. Find...
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Zollie songs ( Angel Valentine prequel) by Lalapenguins
Zollie songs ( Angel Valentine pre...by Angel
This story also involves Angel Valentine and her childhood and past experience Also to do with her family's history
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Zollie Forever  by njb2727
Zollie Forever by HolbyandCasualty
Jasmine is truly in love with Ollie. But so is Zosia. Ollie and Jasmine are together but Ollie finds things aren't working with Jasmine and wants to be with Zosia again...
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