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Killua's Twin[dropped :( ] by nightRox
Killua's Twin[dropped :( ]by Old Man Extermination
After death, Amon's soul is sent through space-time to Hunter X Hunter. Reborn as Killua's twin brother. How will Amon, from being an 18 year old high school graduate mo...
Everlasting manipulation  by M_Storyz
Everlasting manipulation by M_Storyz
What happens when y/n's parents get killed after they refuse to hand you over to the Zoldycks, who have planned for and arranged marriage between y/n and their eldest so...
Our Zoldyck Name. by yelenaswif3
Our Zoldyck Name.by :)
Luzil Zoldyck, the eldest of the Zoldyck children. She finds herself being chased after Illumi's "buisness partner's" which soon, Illumi finds out about. Being...
The girl Zoldyck  by Lifespan_otaku
The girl Zoldyck by Lifespan_otaku
Y/N Zoldyck, the twin sister of Killua Zoldyck. Compared to her twin brother Killua, Y/N is innocent and pure not like her family. (This is my first story so I hope that...
The Forgotten Zoldyck X Killua x sister! reader  by Lifespan_otaku
The Forgotten Zoldyck X Killua x s...by Lifespan_otaku
Y/N Zoldyck is Killua's twin sister, the one who's been ignored and forgotten. Y/N was a cheerful child, but can you blame her for suddenly being cold? She's been tortur...
Pain x Fire by Valisineria
Pain x Fireby Valisineria
❝We'll accept anything you leave here, but don't take anything away from us ❞ Silva Zoldyck remembers the day when his daughter was born like it was yesterday. He had be...
Illumi's heartbreak (illumi x Hisoko) by Midnight_and_moon_57
Illumi's heartbreak (illumi x Hiso...by Moon
The question always stood while seeing the Zoldyck family. Why is Killua the aire to the family throne? Many specilated because if his white hair, and that was partly it...
you Abandoned me not the other way around gon.. by squeaky_someone99
you Abandoned me not the other way...by someone_squeaky🖤
Some people believe they are meant to be alone, some people think, life isn't fair, some people blame others because they cant afford to look down on themselves, Some p...
The Snake Among Spiders [HxH] by Jeweled_Lotus
The Snake Among Spiders [HxH]by Lotus
Formerly known as: The Other Spider Yu Yanmei is the twin sister of Jiang Cheng and youngest daughter of Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan. She was thrown into the HunterxHun...
(HunterxHunter) My Fairytale ~ Alluka In Wonderland by AllvishTOV
(HunterxHunter) My Fairytale ~ All...by AllvishTOV
Alluka found herself in a glum corridor but as she's out, she saw a limitless meadow. When she's still sobbing desperately for losing her precious person, she met a boy...
A Love Throughout time by Galactica-Sama
A Love Throughout timeby Aqua Liorine
A girl named shirayuki has the powers of a phoenix, those powers consist of wings of fire, fire control, immortality and resurrection (even after the death of old age)...
Ice Cream by Kites_life_insurance
Ice Creamby (:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅:♡:]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅)
Killua and Alluka meet their youngest brother for ice cream. ●●●● One-shot Zoldyck family fluff -Because these three deserve the world- Word count- 649 Published- 4/30/2...
Queen Of Hearts |~Hunter X Hunter~| by MarcoHalfSoul
Queen Of Hearts |~Hunter X Hunter~|by Shandeline Chloe
(Y/n) (L/s) is A well Known Assasin with the name "Queen Of Hearts" The daughter of a woman feared both in the underground and above ground.."The Red Quee...
Killua's guard // Illumi x oc by justalamewriterr
Killua's guard // Illumi x ocby AlicePearson9
After she was raised by demons she was sent to work for the zoldyck family, after a few years a baby boy was born with hair as white as snow She was ordered to guard the...
Where Shadows Touch [Illumi X OC] by Infinite___Web
Where Shadows Touch [Illumi X OC]by Rebellion Moon
( an illumi X oc fanfiction) The Moiraio family is a house in which all the men are dead. The women aren't so lucky either. Psyche Moirario, the youngest assassin in...
Family, but Demented by yelenas_anthem
Family, but Dementedby yelenas_anthem
[Yandere! Zoldyck Family/Fem! Sister! Reader] (Y/n) desperately wanted a semi-normal family, but they were making it extremely hard for her.
Illumi or Hisoka X Reader X Fanfic by zestpepperoni
Illumi or Hisoka X Reader X Fanficby zestpepperoni
A love quarrel between two good ol' pals. Who do you choose: Illumi or Hisoka? It gets better as it progresses, I promise ;) Updates every Friday
HXH & CCS Cast Collide by shammy_ann
HXH & CCS Cast Collideby Sham M. Villaflores
A crossover story of Hunter X Hunter and Card Captor Sakura. Have you ever imagined Killua and Gon having a romantic interest with someone? Find out how they've messed...
°|SECURED |GonKillu |° by KilluaX3689
°|SECURED |GonKillu |°by Immortals Husbando
Mine or not alive or dead you will forever be by my side while I protect you no matter what no matter the cost as long as your SECURED... you don't have a choice 🍡 🍡 �...
her assassin and his princess by anime_simp_190
her assassin and his princessby anime simp 💖
Y/n's parents are dead and she only has her siblings left but what happens when she has to marry killua zoldyck? read to found out I don't own hunter x hunter or the ch...