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TMF Oneshots by LiamLovesTheDromies
TMF Oneshotsby 🎶Éowyn🎤
I Do All Ships and Scenarios.
Why can't we restart? (Drake tmf) by mwahahahahahaha_
Why can't we restart? (Drake tmf)by remi / ari <3
this story takes place after ep 10 After Jake drops Drew, and Lia tells jake it was her who sent the recording, Jake feels guilty. Jake tries apologizing to Drew, but Dr...
Ask or Dare The Jomies! by LiamLovesTheDromies
Ask or Dare The Jomies!by 🎶Éowyn🎤
Ask or Dare These Characters: 'Drew 'Henry 'Liam 'Lia 'Zoey 'Jake (MC Characters Can Be In It Too) Oh yeah, apparently this is a smut book too- 😭😭😭😭😭
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Rejected By The Prince | Ziall Mpreg  by LuvTVDand1D4Eva
Rejected By The Prince | Ziall Mpr...by LuvTVDand1D4Eva
"I don't want you, you're a lousy servant. Hell, I want you to die. Why would I want you? You're fat, ugly and a disgrace to the werewolf kind. YOU'RE A DOG!" ...
It Started At A Birthday Party (Jailey, Millot, & Other Ships) by __Bizzy__
It Started At A Birthday Party (Ja...by busy Izzy
You would think going to the birthday party of your friend's crush would turn out like any other; just having fun and seeing your friend crushing over the birthday kid i...
Part of him || Drake || TMF fanfic || by QueerMenace_2022
Part of him || Drake || TMF fanfic...by The dream Team
In this AU Drew was the only one who stood up for Jake and the music club when everyone else was manipulating him into saying bad things, the rest of the Jomies apologiz...
Romance in the sheets ~ A Drake Fanfic 💕 by rxtroquirk
Romance in the sheets ~ A Drake Fa...by (HIATUS) Neytri ★
Cover made by me ~ After Jake looses his reputation the music club, he distances himself from the Jomies, Daisy and the club because he thinks Daisy hates him. (she doe...
Kane Chronicles Headcanons by BookLover191011
Kane Chronicles Headcanonsby a random human
Just some Kane Chronicles Headcanons !!These are NOT mine!! Characters belong to Rick Riordan. Cover by ME!
☆ rating tmf ships ☆ by ssamlie
☆ rating tmf ships ☆by ssamlie
rating tmf ships as its says in the title 🤷‍♀️ WARNING; this is my opinion so don't hate on it, you can give your opinions in the comment but don't come on here and ins...
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«DISCONTINUED» What if TMF characters had insta?  by kiyozx
«DISCONTINUED» What if TMF charact...by kiyo🖤
Basically TMF insta accounts and posts 🔥🔥 Ships included : Lander Drake Zia Milliot Henriam Sadie x Daisy Very much all headcanons! : Liams Vape Business All ships...
My opinion of tmf ships by Introvertaqua12
My opinion of tmf shipsby You
Well hello. Here are some more rules to follow because I can and will give you the consequence. 1. Do not attack or send hate to me 2. These are my opinion and I'll res...
Maybe if we restarted? | SU!C3D3 AU | TMF - discontinued.  by CloudyorAurorite
Maybe if we restarted? | SU!C3D3 A...by Shu ! <3
I do not claim any of the characters, they were made by RosyClozy. TW ; Harsh Subjects, Suicide, Ships [ Example : DrewxJake, ElliotxMilly, and ect.. ]
The Royal and The Rebel | Jailey Royalty AU 👑 by trvl3r
The Royal and The Rebel | Jailey R...by haz
"Royals are good and Rebels are bad", that's what Princess Hailey Austin was taught. As the crown princess, she has to find her prince before she turns 18 and...
ₗₑfₜ ₒₙ ᵣₑₐd ||| ᴛᴍꜰ ᴄʜᴀᴛꜰɪᴄ by dieliam
ₗₑfₜ ₒₙ ᵣₑₐd ||| ᴛᴍꜰ ᴄʜᴀᴛꜰɪᴄby ₑᵣᵣₒᵣ cₒdₑ ₁₀₁
▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ 《 this is a tmf chatfic 》 《 all charcters owned by rosyclozy from her series on youtube called the music freaks 》 《 no smut that's mf gross hoe the...
Sheriff VS Thieves  (TMF AU ! ) by mwahahahahahaha_
Sheriff VS Thieves (TMF AU ! )by remi / ari <3
LEADERS ! Hailey Daisy SHERIFFS ! Zander Luke Elliot Maria Henry Stacy Liam THIEVES ! Jake Drew Sadie Zoey Lia ...
Tmf chatfic but fruity🤡 by BreeAP
Tmf chatfic but fruity🤡by Bree Alise Peetz
There is only one straight ship and sadly Sean does not get a lover.. Ships included: Drake(Drew x Jake) Lander(Luke x Zander) Stailey(Stacy x hailey) Emilli(Elliot x Mi...
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A Loner (Jailey - The Music Freaks) by __Bizzy__
A Loner (Jailey - The Music Freaks)by busy Izzy
Jake was a loner. It's what he was and will always be. He's never had friends before; if you didn't include his siblings or Daisy. His middle school bullies tormented t...
TMF Ship Stories | RAREPAIRS ACCEPTED <3 [ REQUEST OPEN ] by codylovrrr
TMF Ship Stories | RAREPAIRS ACCEP...by codylovrrr
Any ship in this fanfic ig ( EXCLUDING ILLEGAL ONES 🧍‍♂️ ) You may request any ships. 💛 - platonic 💔 - angst 💗 - romantic 🖤 - enemies