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Ziqitza Limited - Infant care during pandemic by Ziqitzalimted
Ziqitza Limited - Infant care duri...by Ziqitza Limited
People are still studying and learning more about COVID-19 as it continues to spread widely, as well as the many strategies to protect themselves against it, such as phy...
Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan - Prioritizing Womens's wellness by ZiqitzaLimited
Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan - Priori...by Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan
When it comes to their health and wellness, women have special requirements. With so many responsibilities, such as work, family, and social obligations, it can be diffic...
Ziqitza Limited -  5 ways to make your New Year's resolutions stick (for life) by Ziqitzalimted
Ziqitza Limited - 5 ways to make...by Ziqitza Limited
Making resolutions at the beginning of the year is a great way to start a fresh chapter, which is presumably why so many people do it. Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, one of lea...
ZHL Rajasthan - End inequalities. End AIDS by ZhlRajasthan
ZHL Rajasthan - End inequalities...by ZHL Rajasthan
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a chronic, potentially life-threatening condition caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). By damaging the immune s...
ZHL Rajasthan - Safety Tips to follow in Monsoon by ZhlRajasthan
ZHL Rajasthan - Safety Tips to fol...by ZHL Rajasthan
Monsoon finally arrives after heaps of perspiring and obstacles of searing summer. However, this monsoon will not be the same as it used to be. Since the emergence of CO...
Ziqitza - ASHA: The changing face of Malaria control by Ziqitza
Ziqitza - ASHA: The changing face...by Ziqitza 00
ZHL Rajasthan, points out that MEDP was successful in eliminating malaria from 1233 villages of the Mandela district in Madhya Pradesh because the programme engaged ASHA...
Ziqitza Rajasthan - 6 ways to improve mental well-being in the workplace by Ziqitzarajasthan00
Ziqitza Rajasthan - 6 ways to impr...by Ziqitza Rajasthan
Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd., is to encourage open communication among staff members. Eliminating the stigma associated with addressing work-related stress might help employe...
Ziqitza Rajasthan - Fuel your body with good and clean food by Ziqitzarajasthan00
Ziqitza Rajasthan - Fuel your body...by Ziqitza Rajasthan
Working out is a crucial first step if you want to change for the better and get healthy. However, what you eat is far more significant for overall health than how often...
Ziqitza Rajasthan - Why is National Dengue Day observed? by Ziqitzarajasthan00
Ziqitza Rajasthan - Why is Nationa...by Ziqitza Rajasthan
National Dengue Day is observed every year on May 16th in India under the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The day is observed to generate aw...
Ziqitza Rajasthan - Increase Childhood obesity in covid times by Ziqitzarajasthan00
Ziqitza Rajasthan - Increase Child...by Ziqitza Rajasthan
The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our healthcare systems and populace on a scale never seen in peacetime. COVID-19 has resulted in major changes in children's a...
ZHL Rajasthan - World food day by ZhlRajasthan
ZHL Rajasthan - World food dayby ZHL Rajasthan
For every person, to have a healthy life with the least chances of getting sick, having healthy food is necessary. Nowadays, the super busy lifestyle of people was pushi...