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Start Anew by dogggenthusiast
Start Anewby dogggenthusiast
The Married Life Edition (You Are My Destiny Fanfiction) What happens after the marriage of Chen Jiaxin and Wang Xiyi? Well, you mean their third marriage after an almos...
Love Better Than Immortality by DIVINE_OCEAN
Love Better Than Immortalityby DIVINE_OCEAN
A woman from the future arrives at a fantasy-like universe to experience love for the first time. She goes by the name Chun Hua and falls into a complicated romance with...
My Bad Boy Arga  by daadindaada_
My Bad Boy Arga by 𖦆 da %⸼࣪⸳
[ COMEDY ROMANCE ] Apa benar poin plusnya Arga itu hanya soal tampangnya yang sempurna? Tampan, putih, dan tinggi? Tidak ada yang lain? Misalnya rajin, suka menolong, pi...
អូននឹងសងបងដោយបេះដូង(pay you by my heart)❤️ by xiaoling09
អូននឹងសងបងដោយបេះដូង(pay you by my...by Xiao ling💫❤️
Humaling by TEN-THIRTY
Humalingby a book half unread
*First book of my first series *One book with two parts: Part 1 has 8 Chapters Part 2 has 5 Chapters Read at your own risk.
The Rebound Duo by cloud-panda
The Rebound Duoby cloud-panda
XING JIAO YU is frivolous and never serious in relationships...ironically loves ZHAO REN, who had always turned to her whenever his relationships failed until he decides...
Prince of tennis S2 by Aishwaryamani_14
Prince of tennis S2by S.A.M
the story starts when yu Qing completed their match with xing yao and what if lu xai's twin sister lu le yan (Zhao Lusi) comes to see her little twin's match and some on...
who rules the world 且试天下 by kathskggo
who rules the world 且试天下by Kathskggo
note: this is just a translation. the original author is qing ling ye. this book is supposed to have a drama adaptation coming out in 2022 with zhao lusi and yang yang c...
She's all Yours by crazyshipz
She's all Yoursby crazyshipz
Xavier Raczkowski is a handsome, gentle, sometimes sassy, and rich young master. His dream is to be part of the nation's football team. He has always been practicing har...