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Claws and Lightning (Male Zeraora Reader x Boku no Hero Academia) by StormBreaker2k1
Claws and Lightning (Male Zeraora...by StormBreaker2k1
(Y/N) Zeraora. Born with traits and characteristics of a tiger and electrokinetic powers. His origins are unknown, found by the Wild Wild Pussy Cats at a young age and s...
Pokemon Adventures by buddy227
Pokemon Adventuresby RougeAlphaWerewolf
Hi my name is Bolt, yeah a funny name for a guy right, well you see the reason I got named that way was because I would Bolt as soon as I saw a person. But cars suck and...
I'll try my best! (Pokemon XYZ x male reader) -under MAJOR editing-  by Haruki_Spring0
I'll try my best! (Pokemon XYZ x m...by ✨️ Haru ✨️
(y/n) (l/n) one of the most talented trainers on Ferrum region. But he could be a bit awkward but when battling he get very focused and calm. He was originally from Alol...
Baka!! by RotomDex90
Baka!!by Zzzt!
Few months after the fire incident at Fula City, everything are in peace. But this story started when Margo is playing with her Zeraora in the forest. They were in a tro...
Another life by -Raven_Shadow-
Another lifeby Shadow
Ash Ketchum from a young age stood out from the rest. He was different. Pokémon would greet him and look after him when he was out into the forest. Ash's friends grew...
"Feel the beat in my power, let's do it!" Zeraora, a mythical pokemon. It watches over Kalos but doesn't go noticed by anybody up from the hills and tops of bu...
Cinderace X Lucario X Zeraora (Lost then Found) Remake by Idk36019
Cinderace X Lucario X Zeraora (Los...by Idk
pokemon and this picture that @Acky05_Wolf created i don't own it Story where an idiot named IDK/me accidentally release a starter Pokemon/Scorbunny because she is busy...
Pokemon  Ask or Dare by whitewolf49
Pokemon Ask or Dareby whitewolf49
Ask Pikachu, Meowth, Charazard, and other pokemon a question or dare them to do something. Honestly I'm just doing this to keep myself busy while I work on other stuff...
Lucario x Zeraora  by TickleNovice
Lucario x Zeraora by Plasmamark
Lucario and zeraora having a fun adventure in the pc
I Just Want To Be With You - Zeraora X Reader by IceFang88
I Just Want To Be With You - Zerao...by tree jumpscare
You and zeraora have known each other for a while now, only a problem interfered between having time in person: You lived in the human world and zeraora lived in your pc...
PokéHigh (1)by Luca
What if Pokémon went to school? This story is about a Lucario who is sent to a school of other Pokémon to train his power as using aura energy is hard to control. He wil...
Fortnite: The Mythical Looper by KayAndTheMyth
Fortnite: The Mythical Looperby KayAndTheMyth
When one's freedom is lost to acts of evil, banished to a loop of 22 minutes full of chaos and fighting, what would a simple Zeraora do?
About a Life (Pokemon Romance) by AChexy999
About a Life (Pokemon Romance)by Ryan Morrison
Zeraora is depressed. He is head over heals in love with his secret crush, Roserade but she is dating Lucario. His best friend, Bisharp, seems to hate him, and his famil...
Power of Light by ThundertheZeraora
Power of Lightby Infinite the Jackal
(This takes place one year later after Soul of Thunder and is the second book in the series, so read Soul of Thunder before reading this one!) Ever since the events of S...
The world of pokemon  by yinyanggacha0
The world of pokemon by yinyang gacha
Amy just turned 10 years old and so did her friend ash ketchum and they will get there partner together and will do half of there journey together and what happens when...
Pokémon: Enigma Brothers by Naijakid06
Pokémon: Enigma Brothersby NaijaKid06
Zeraora wants wants to protect his city from threats and his brother Riley wants to become the strongest Mega Lucario ever and surpass his mother. Things are never as t...
Pokémon:  The story of a Hero by Mcarwile05
Pokémon: The story of a Heroby Matthew Carwile
This is my first fanfic. Let me know how I did on it. Follow Ash on his journey to be the very best, and become a Pokémon Master like his farther was before him. And to...
Kylie's Journeys: The Series by Wedding_Peach_
Kylie's Journeys: The Seriesby ꧁ Princess Peach ꧂
After the Sunshines family move into the Sakura Kingdom, the townspeople decided to make them the ruler of the Sakura Kingdom. Kylie, the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs...
Dextreme Adventures: The Pokémon Time Traveler by DextremeArrow
Dextreme Adventures: The Pokémon T...by Dex
I don't have a description soo...