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Just a Mute - Megapvp Fanfiction by Pumpkin_Birb
Just a Mute - Megapvp Fanfictionby Pumpkin
Hey everyone! This is my first Fanfiction, so I hope you enjoy. Starting from chapter 4, I'll be writing this piece with 2 more amazing authors, so it'll get even better...
✧❦Popularity❦✧ ➳ skephalo by shelbyfanfics
✧❦Popularity❦✧ ➳ skephaloby shelby
[#1 in "skephalo" - 10/06/2019] [#1 in "minecraft" -02/06/2020] (cover is drawn by kokoacat on instagram) Zak, nicknamed Skeppy, is a popular basebal...
Curtsy - SkepHalo by Sinful_AJ
Curtsy - SkepHaloby Sinful_AJ
A royal and a peasant. Doesn't seem to fit huh? But what if I told you, two people made it real? Two people made something absurd and unthinkable happen? Two people mad...
~A Final Hope~ by Ore_la
~A Final Hope~by Ore_la
!This is a sequel to my other story, A Final Choice! Skeppy and Bad have been living a good life together, completely unbothered for years. Skeppy has learn magic, and B...
I summoned a demon?!? (skephalo) by Puffy_Peachy
I summoned a demon?!? (skephalo)by peachy
Zak was visiting his grandmother during the weekend, and his grandmother was telling him how the house's attic hasn't been cleaned out or gonna throw for probably more t...
My boyfriend's a demon//Skephalo by FanFicNerds_
My boyfriend's a demon//Skephaloby We are not ok♥️
Skeppy called out "Hey dumbasses, give me my fucking boyfriend back" His mother turned around with a horrified expression "Skeppy? What're you doing here...
Skeppy x Y/N by autumn609
Skeppy x Y/Nby Autumn
A story with Zak and the gang to get you in your feelings. 💙 Zak- Skeppy Darryl- BadBoyHalo Vincent- A6D George- Spifey Y/N- You Y/U- Your username/ channel name ⚠️ Po...
Demure - A Sequel To Bashful ❤️ by Mind_Of_Nadia
Demure - A Sequel To Bashful ❤️by Nadia Right
- 19 Parts. Discontinued. This is a sequel to my first Skephalo book, Bashful. It won't make sense without reading that one first, so be sure to check it out! The newly...
Dreamwalking in Lavender Fields  by sofyzin
Dreamwalking in Lavender Fields by SofyZin
It's funny... soulmates are supposed to be your one true love. Maybe it's not his fault. He did not know then. A joke taken to far, a troll that should have been done i...
Disconnected (Youtuber AU Fanfic) (Book 2) by SkepticalOfGames
Disconnected (Youtuber AU Fanfic)...by Vanny ♡
SEQUEL TO JEF AND GOODBOYHALO. The beloved diamond derp youtuber has gone missing. The last two members of The Trio sets out to find clues and gather their friends for a...
Someday {MCYT FANTASY AU} by Derpmallow
Someday {MCYT FANTASY AU}by Derpmallow
There's a lot in the way of people and their goals. This is a given. The world is a cruel place. People say that it's the journey that matters, not the destination. Then...
Silent Voice (Zelkpvp novel) by TatianaShevyakova
Silent Voice (Zelkpvp novel)by Shevy
His eyes sparkled slightly filled with thoughtfulness and caring but had deep sadness within them... The man was wearing a black hoodie, blue jeans, and a green scarf...
Red String | ZelkPvP by AbandonedBird
Red String | ZelkPvPby Abandoned
This is only their personas. Only. Their. Personas. In a world where people have a red string that connects them to their soulmates, there are two people bound by a thin...
~ Soul-Seeking ~ by Faded-Red
~ Soul-Seeking ~by Faded Red
[FANTASY AU] "How much do you think your soul is worth?" -- Skeppy didn't sign up for this. Whelp, it's too late. He just wants to find a purpose in life. Bein...
Too Far for Liking || Dream6d[HOLD] by SourCat7
Too Far for Liking || Dream6d[HOLD]by Lemon
After meeting Vincent, Clay has changed completely. He saw that Vincent would be, you know, an interesting guy, someone who would be there forever. Clay wasn't wrong, no...
// Home Sweet Home | MCYT Fan-Fiction \\ by lanoitasneSMC
// Home Sweet Home | MCYT Fan-Fict...by not active :)
Idek why I'm writing this, but I'm bored as h e c k so yeah! Y/n has received an invite to Move-In to a new home- with a bunch of familiar Minecraft Youtubers. Excited t...
ZelkPvp One-Shots by TatianaShevyakova
ZelkPvp One-Shotsby Shevy
Welcome to zelkpvp one-shots! I will be trying some one-shots (maybe also two-shots) of ideas I wasn't brave enough to put into my main book (go read it: "Silent V...
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« Caesurae » by Faded-Red
« Caesurae »by Faded Red
[MCYT Oneshots] A collection of short stories. Because sometimes, after a long swim through the sea of sagas and tales, one needs to pause and take a breath. Almost like...
Uncute Mute (ZelkPVP) by TatianaShevyakova
Uncute Mute (ZelkPVP)by Shevy
I got so close to him, breaking my own heart repeatedly over him... That was not a thing I wanted to go through again - getting heartbroken, so I was going to protect my...
Someone {MCYT FANTASY AU} by Derpmallow
Someone {MCYT FANTASY AU}by Derpmallow
You wouldn't do this. Not to them. I can, and I will. You wont stop me. Someone like you could never tear them apart. Oh, you'll see. WEE BOOK 3 GO BRR!! ENJOY :D Starte...