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Battle To Be Free (z.m) ✔️ by xLooseVanillax
Battle To Be Free (z.m) ✔️by xLooseVanillax
Escaping from one gang just to be caught by another is unlucky especially when the leader of the gang happens to be the ruthless Zayn Malik. He's insanely attractive but...
  • one-direction
  • gangs
  • zaynmalikfanfic
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The Teasing Games by asiahidek
The Teasing Gamesby Actually Death
"You run around in those short shorts and fucking knee socks and you expect me not to care?" "Maybe I like to tease ... Daddy."
  • ashton
  • zayn
  • calum
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When Worlds Collide - A Zayn Malik Fanfic by kelliemayann
When Worlds Collide - A Zayn Kellie
"There's no such thing as soul mates. I mean just because someone is perfect for you doesn't mean you're meant to be with them. The thing about love is that it's un...
  • onedirectionfanfic
  • onedirection
  • 1dfanfic
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Help Me // z.m  by Mel_Grant
Help Me // z.m by ···
The minute Zayn walked into my life, he changed everything for me. The question is; was it for better or for worse? Cover by: -kyavhill
  • malik
  • fight
  • zaynmalikfanfiction
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The Nanny - Zayn Malik | ✓ by adoringzayn
The Nanny - Zayn Malik | ✓by adoringzayn
[COMPLETED✓] | The first book out of two. | When Abigale's father can't afford her going to college, she finds herself searching for work. She ends up being a nanny for...
  • dark
  • impossible
  • summerromance
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Scream || Z.M by ingeniousstyles
Scream || Z.Mby Jessica
Two short tempered, very stubborn people falling in love sounds like a disaster... But they make it work, despite all the screaming matches - they love each other; flaws...
  • ariana
  • newadult
  • zaynmalik
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Back Of The Class (Zayn Malik AU) by yixingsheaux
Back Of The Class (Zayn Malik AU)by yixingsheaux
Violet, the new exchange student, was welcomed by the mysterious bad boy Zayn. She thought he was a sweet and nice guy but he turns out to the total opposite.
  • alternateuniverse
  • direction
  • nice
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Concerto - A Harry Styles FanFiction by ElleRoseBooks
Concerto - A Harry Styles Elle
Book Two in the Darien Grace Chronicles "I couldn't hear the music. I knew that it was pulsing all around me, I could feel it vibrate through the air, but I couldn'...
  • wattys2015
  • studentteacher
  • harrystyles
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To Touch-z.j.m {au} [[complete]] by thisisastandup69
To Touch-z.j.m {au} [[complete]]by thisisastandup69
"it wasn't even sexual, he was just...feeling me. like all he wanted touch."
  • touch
  • zayn
  • zaynmalikfanfiction
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Arranged Love? *Zayn Malik Fanfiction*// Completed by veryzaynn
Arranged Love? *Zayn Malik iz
"How are we one?" I questioned as tears spilled from my eyes. "I mean, how?" A smile grew on Zayn's face and he rubbed away the tears that landed on...
  • zayn
  • zaynmalik
  • zaynmalikfanfiction
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Gigi. ☞ Malik.® by sarcasmalik
Gigi. ☞ Malik.®by hood
You: "Te odio." You: "Dios, Zayn, te odio demasiado." You: "Y no tienes idea de lo horrible que es porque siempre he estado ahí, apoyándote y sé...
  • leightonmeester
  • onedirection
  • malik
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» Tell Me A Lie » by zartisitc
» Tell Me A Lie »by faiza
''H-How could y-you?' I whisper as my voice cracks. Zayn pulls away from this girl and looks at me surprised. 'H-Heather? When did you get here?' he says backing away fr...
  • betrayal
  • onedirection
  • lovestory
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Shy Boy - Zayn Malik by girlMichaelGC
Shy Boy - Zayn Malikby 1d5soslove
She is bound to figure him out. He is shy and mysterious. He was always the shy one. He hates him and his name, he gets bullied by school jocks, he barely eats, he has s...
  • zaynmaliklovestory
  • shy
  • selfharm
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Abbie Allison Styles -English version ~(One direction, Zayn Malik)~ by One__di
Abbie Allison Styles -English One__di
"Do you really want to know?" I nodded firmly. "You want to know why I've been so far away from you these years?" "Y-yeah .." "Do you...
  • teen
  • love
  • malik
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A Helping Hand // Z.M by malikdepth
A Helping Hand // Z.Mby ayesha
They say all good boys go to heaven but bad boys bring heaven to you. Cover by my favorite and the very talented; @zalaxy-
  • gắng
  • zaynmalikfanfiction
  • zaynmalikashimself
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||~Promise~|| ¤ZM Love Story¤ by Azra_The_QBee
||~Promise~|| ¤ZM Love Story¤by ¤WWE For Life¤
"I never loved you for leaving you" he said as he grabbed my elbow and within one swift movement, he pulled me to his chest making me gasp. He bent his head do...
  • mature
  • zaynmalikfanfiction
  • onedirectionfanfiction
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Unexpectedly Unexpected - Z.M. by living_waters
Unexpectedly Unexpected - living_waters
"His dark eyes swallowed mine, and before either of us knew it, he was bending down closing the distance between us; his lips slowly colliding with mine." That...
  • one
  • liampayne
  • wattyawards
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The Demons Inside. [ZM AU] by SykesorStyles
The Demons Inside. [ZM AU]by ☯ t a n i s h a ☯
❝I may be broken and he may be guarded, but our two hearts, should never be parted.❞ [this is the sequel to Do I Scare You? do not read unless read that book first] ~The...
  • malik
  • london
  • zayn
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Don't Be Gone Too Long (Zayn Malik & Ariana Grande Fanfiction//Zariana) by twogirls_1account
Don't Be Gone Too Long (Zayn twogirls_1account
Darkness. The absense of light. Wicked or evil. Light the illumination of darkness. Superior, good and sinless. Yet both opposites need of one another. In order for ligh...
  • wattys2015
  • arianagrandefanfic
  • teenfiction
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Illusion - Zayn Malik (Vampire) by zaynsthetic
Illusion - Zayn Malik (Vampire)by Fizza Ali
"Trust me, I'm not going to hurt you"
  • romance
  • zain
  • zaynjavaddmalik
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