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Are you Faking? by Oliviadolls
Are you Faking?by Trash‼️💓
Zayn Malik loves to fake sick,but what happen when he actually becomes sick, will the boys believe him or will they push him to the curve. READ MORE TO FIND OUT.
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Our Own Fairy Tale by loulouoz
Our Own Fairy Taleby Isabel
Liam and Harry are fathers to teens Louis, Niall and Zayn.
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Everybody Needs Somebody by zolozen
Everybody Needs Somebodyby mind of mine
What happens when the world doesn’t work the way it’s intended to work? What happens when a little boy is supposed to be saved from a life of abuse and neglect but in th...
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ᴡʜᴇɴ ᴡᴇ ᴄᴏʟʟɪᴅᴇ - ᴢ.ᴍ.  by zalaxy-
ᴡʜᴇɴ ᴡᴇ ᴄᴏʟʟɪᴅᴇ - ᴢ.ᴍ. by 。゚☆: .☽
it was three in the morning when he came in my room through the window pleading to talk, 'the only people up this late are either in love or heartbroken', obviously he c...
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oneshots [zianourry] by d-a-m-n
oneshots [zianourry]by d-a-m-n
Just some Zianourry One Shots NOT MINE
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Zianourry Family Fluff (One Direction) by zolozen
Zianourry Family Fluff (One mind of mine
I get bored and when I get bored I write but I don't like to write what people tell me to write so I start to write random drabbles and sometimes they turn into 10k word...
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Despácito (Zayn Centric) by Qwerty_Birdie
Despácito (Zayn Centric)by Bowie Jux
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One Direction Fluffy, AgePlay, Spanking One-shots (Harry centric) by StonyParkerSon
One Direction Fluffy, AgePlay, Finn Hudson
Description Inside!
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All his little things(drabbles)(Zayn-centric)(Boyxboy) by zauthor-
All his little things(drabbles)( R
Zayn Centric drabbles I've written over the years, Cause I'm in love with him and all his little things.
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Thee Teenage Spy by NeonBlackRoseRevived
Thee Teenage Spyby NeonBlackRoseRevived
Zayn Knight living in a world not many people are familiar with, the world of SPYING.
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Where You go I'll be There (Zayn Centric And Zarry) by fabulumms
Where You go I'll be There (Zayn fabulumms
Harry styles the gangster the drug dealer had an encounter with the person he was waiting for and he wouldn't turn away he will get what he want and Zayn now is dreadful...
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A New Beginning? Ugh by LiveYourLife102
A New Beginning? Ughby LiveYourLife102
*The timeline is a couple of weeks after Zayn leaves the band!* "Goodness sake, I miss my boys" *sighs* "Let's admit it guys, It will NEVER be the same wi...
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Hidden Talents by SwigMista
Hidden Talentsby Swig Mista
Hidden Talents Zayn is good at writing music and is a loner "bad boy" at school. Nobody talks to him. Nobody looks at him. Nobody knows him. He gets abused b...
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living in Vain (zayn centric/ziam) by fabulumms
living in Vain (zayn centric/ziam)by fabulumms
A story of a boy who's life changed and he became a star. so life's has changed for good......... atleast he thought so Ps: the cover of the story is made by @bottomzayn...
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Please,Love Me Again|ZIAM| by LiveYourLife102
Please,Love Me Again|ZIAM|by LiveYourLife102
AU|Royalty Alpha/Omega/Beta. Alpha Liam , Alpha Harry, Omega Zayn , Omega Niall, Beta Nick Grimshaw, Beta Louis. Alpha Liam/Omega Zayn Apha Harry/Omega Niall Beta Nick...
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Nightcrawler by zolozen
Nightcrawlerby mind of mine
the one where werewolves - shifters - exist unbeknownst to humans, and a little, omega pup find his way into a new life
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Breathe Easy. by maliksrayban
Breathe wendy
The mistake of a single night can change things for the rest of their lives. But sometimes, more important things make their way on an apparently already-written path. I...
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Chase and Race (Ziam/ Zayn Centric) by fabulumms
Chase and Race (Ziam/ Zayn Centric)by fabulumms
Used to be friends but high school changed every thing or the secret of someone changed every thing
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