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My hell protects me. L.S . Z.P (complete) by Tommo2412991
My hell protects me. L.S . Z.P ( Tommo
انا تائه في حلم اشبه بالحقيقه ، اتقبل منك كل شئ تعذيبك لي ، غضبك ، شهواتك على من اكذب انا من جعلتك تأتي إلى هنا انا بمجنون الكثير اخبروني بهذا و لكنني لم اكن اعلم انني...
proposta indecente [l.s] by l-enore
proposta indecente [l.s]by lare
Harry Styles odiava seu emprego, ele verdadeiramente fazia. Mas veja bem, ele tinha 22 anos, era solteiro, possuía apenas um amigo na cidade e bem, trabalhava como camar...
do you trust me ? L.S by almightylarry
do you trust me ? L.Sby almightylarry
The one where Louis needs a tutor and Harry is the teachers recommendation. (Louis!tops Harry!bottoms)
You're the only one who owns me Z.P (complete) by Tommo2412991
You're the only one who owns me Tommo
"افتقد ملمس وجهك الفاتن وفراق شهد العنبر من شفتيك أهلكني المتاهة التي تصنعها لي عندما تكون برفقتي ذات سحر خاص فكن لي كن للأقوي " ^.....^ " الرضا يعتريني...
BAKED by mothermothermusic
BAKEDby mothermothermusic
maybe getting married to a woman while being extremely gay isn't the best idea, and going to a baking class and meeting a guy that was supposed to be a one night stand b...
Messaging my teacher | z . s | by calumbxtches
Messaging my teacher | z . s |by hoodie
"Sir, are we doing 69" "What?!" "I meant, like as in the literature book."
Give me love (new) by yasi_palik
Give me love (new)by yasi_palik
رویاها همیشه قشنگن همیشه یاد آور و خواستنِ چیزهایی هستن که دوستشون داریم، اما مال ما نیستن و ممکنه هیچوقتم نشن. آدمای رویا پرداز همیشه دنیاشون از بقیه جداست، همیشه رنگار...
ForEver_One Shoot _Z.P (complete) by Tommo2412991
ForEver_One Shoot _Z.P (complete)by Tommo
هل تسمع نبضاتي ..... هل تشعُر برجفتي عندما أكون بقُربك انا عاشق لعيناك انا الذي شهدت أعاصير بداخلي عندما أُفكر بك انا المُحب لك فلا تستهين بي فأنا عاشق أبدي عزيزي وعن...
LONELY PARADISE • Zarry AU by zouisfriendshipgoals
They got through the hardest part. Now they just have to get through the rest. ••• [Book Two of the Paradise Series]
Reasons why zayn is a bottom by ihatebottomliamfics3
Reasons why zayn is a bottomby ihatebottomliamfics3
this goes out to the author ziamhoe because she wants to argue that liam bottom but obviously zayns stupid ass is...
Daddy?(Ziall/Larry) by NiallTopsZayn
Daddy?(Ziall/Larry)by NiallTopsZayn
At the age of 24 Zayn Malik was divorced and left to take care of his 3 year old son all by himself. At the age of six Leon Anthony Malik is starting school for the firs...
Love me or Leave me by AlejandraJonas1
Love me or Leave meby Alejandra Jonas
Zayn y Liam pierden a su hijo, y Liam culpa de todo a Zayn
A place in your heart by Uccello1997
A place in your heartby Luan
Zayn se sentia deslocado do universo, era como se o mundo não tivesse espaço para ele. Ele havia se mudado para a cidade de Londres onde é adotado por Louis e Harry, e c...