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Alpha's One and Only by crazybaby2005
Alpha's One and Onlyby crazybaby2005
Zavier Black Creston is the alpha of 'Jedi Knight Pack'. He has been searching for his mate for 2 years now. He is just about to give up until he finds her at a club. Bu...
Betwixt and Between by BlissfullyDreaming14
Betwixt and Betweenby Cassidy
Where am I? Why am I wearing this? Am I dead? These are the first three things that run through Raina's mind when she wakes up in an empty field. Alone, confused...
Are we still friends? by RainbowLambo
Are we still friends?by RainbowLambo
Are we still friends? I just wanted to know because you haven't talked to me as often
THE OTHER SIDE  by Tehixzibah11
THE OTHER SIDE by Zibah Kawonise
"where next?" "Through that door" Emma Woodson, a talented young belle who comes across a strange incident. Through dimensions and doors she advent...
Fiery Love by lovejumpybug
Fiery Loveby lovejumpybug
Adara Fuego the Princess of Fire Lives a for the most part a miserable life. Her Mother Anna Fuego The Queen of Fire Is Strict, Unloving, And slightly evil. Adara's one...
adalia and addie by juanandjose
adalia and addieby juan and jose
There is friends, there is family. And then there are friends that become family. Addie Kirwin and Adalia Bateman are not very special. Not really. The only thing speci...
Taming The Heartless by binibiningzavier
Taming The Heartlessby Binibining Zavier
Life is so cruel. It didn't even let me live happily and peacefully. It was full of cruelty, pain, and sadness, and I was already immune to it. Lashes after lashes; one...
Bayron X Zavier X Nelson 2 by Mel_perez_011
Bayron X Zavier X Nelson 2by Mel_perez_011
Bayron thought it was all a dream until he met the loves of his life
REWRITE THE STARS by WhiteBunnyeon
"Its unfair, why do I have to be this pathetic?", Life is always been unfair to the 18 year old Zavier Tantoro, his friends were all rich, everyone is excep...
Marry Your Way Out. (discontinued) by sk_inks
Marry Your Way Out. (discontinued)by Sanskruthi
a girl in hiding, a leader to become. enemies since before birth, lovers to become. --- it's my first attempt at writing a book. hopefully, things make sense. --- previo...
Fantasy Fiction (under extreme plot revision) by KOTLC4lif3
Fantasy Fiction (under extreme 🍃XIV🍃
13 year old Kara is just a normal girl with some furry abnormal dreams. She wants to be in a place with magic or running with a pack of animals, but she's here on earth...