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Zero {Zankyou no Terror fanfic} by Cheshire_Doll
Zero {Zankyou no Terror fanfic}by Cheshire's Addictions
"I never... Thought my life had meaning... I thought, I was just a walking corpse that wandered aimlessly on this Earth looking for meaning or... Just an explanatio...
5, 9, 12... Drink. (A Zankyou No Terror Fanfic) by sugarwintersky
5, 9, 12... Drink. (A Zankyou No Fuyuzora Sato
Thousands of orphans. Twenty-six kids with high intelligence quotient. One drug. One died immediately. Two, Three and Four followed right after. Six survived for six wee...
Anime Imagines and Preferences by ILikeItDifferent
Anime Imagines and Preferencesby ILikeItDifferent
Imagines and preferences of your favorite anime characters! ~Request are open!~ Anime I have written about so far Free! Iwatobi swim club x3 Death Note x1 91 Days x2 Bl...
The Boys With Numbers As Names (Nine x OC)  by vonsphinx
The Boys With Numbers As Names ( Angel of Death
Terror in Resonance/Zankyou no Terror Fanfic The world was holding me back. For too long I've been told what to do. It was finally time for me to break free from society...
Past (Zankyou no Terror Fanfiction) by sammyxdeaniepie
Past (Zankyou no Terror Fanfiction)by sammyxdeaniepie
College. A time when you learn that loads of hard work with sweat, tears, and 1% fun involved could possibly get you somewhere... that is if you continue this attitude o...
Haise's love (Haise Sasaki X reader ooc) by eternal_69
Haise's love (Haise Sasaki X eternal_69
Imagine him being the sweetest hardworking husband ever!
Colours by Maddy_da_unicorn
Coloursby Derpstiel
(( CONTAINS SPOILERS. I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS. )) Twelve took comfort in the soft green that would tint his vision whenever Nine spoke. Twelve always took comfort in...
Various! Anime x Reader by CforCheesecake
Various! Anime x Readerby Yukari Shion
" Love is not about finding someone perfect for the world. But it's about finding someone perfect for your world" Hello~ first of all, this is my first time to...
Zankyou No Terror -Fanfiction by Rain_Tsuki
Zankyou No Terror -Fanfictionby Rain_Tsuki
There isn't much Zankyou No Terror Fanfictions out there soooooooo I decided to make one of my bad grammars. Anyways Hope you like it. Disclaimer: I don't own the anime...
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The Bomb by memelord420
The Bombby memelord420
Nine is running his 10/10 blog when Shinichi Izumi comes to help with his homework.
Zankyou no Terror x Reader by Snowstar9
Zankyou no Terror x Readerby Olivia
I have gotten a request to do a Zankyou no Terror x Reader Collection, so here it is~! Please send your requests in at any time. I will do any of the characters, so don...
the last moment(nine X reader) by eternal_69
the last moment(nine X reader)by eternal_69
you met nine, fell in love and knew the future...was this going to be the last time you saw him?
The World is Ending by MiaZaidi2
The World is Endingby MiYan
It's about a life of a high school girl who always have bad luck around her, and her life went worse when she met two teenage boys when she's expecting otherwise. Note:...
Bazı Animeler by ZenoviaMisa
Bazı Animelerby Zenovia
Sevdiğim bazı animeleri sizinle paylaşayım dedim. Kısaca anime önerisi. Aklıma geldikçe devam ederim.
We're Okay Now by ko-drabbles
We're Okay Nowby ko-drabbles
Nine and Twelve are okay now; there's no pain to feel, only the soft breeze.
Do You Love Me Sensei? Shibazaki x Reader (Gender Neutral) by Curly_Fluff
Do You Love Me Sensei? Shibazaki Zyn
You are training under Shibazaki to become a detective. As he trains you, you get more and more involved into his personal life, and even though you're only 19, you begi...
30 Day OTP Challenge: Twelve and Lisa by Sunflowerwrites
30 Day OTP Challenge: Twelve and hannah may
The 30 Day OTP Challenge was created by Tumblr user kanrose. Basically I write a one shot about my OTP every day for thirty days based on the prompt(like holding hands o...
ADIEU  : :  znt by astroplace-
ADIEU : : zntby 🥀
❝ He was beautiful, like the wind. ❞ 𝗜𝗡 𝗪𝗛𝗜𝗖𝗛 Y/n says her adieu to her two best friends. ━━━━━ no. 1 in zankyounoterror [zankyou no terror]