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Protect me | Aphmau Fanfic  by Noodlie_and_Ramen
Protect me | Aphmau Fanfic by Noodlie_and_Ramen
So first off I'll say I was deeply inspired by the story "Unfortunate Roomates (Zane~Chan)" by luckyloveskc so it's similar to that story, but different. In t...
Zane... Meet the Ashida Family... by KKhocolate155
Zane... Meet the Ashida Kawaii~Khocolate Senpai
It's that time of year again. The snow's falling, Christmas decorations are up and everyone's in the holiday spirit. Yep, it's Christmas time. Nana has a big question fo...
-GASSED UP- (Zane X Kawaii~Chan) by Piece0fPaper
-GASSED UP- (Zane X Kawaii~Chan)by Pieceofpaper
"Tell me why I can't date him, Zane give me one good reason!" "Because...Because I'm in love with you okay!" Zane Ro'meave. A well-known high school...
Hidden: A ZANA story by 1Crystal1Butterfly1
Hidden: A ZANA storyby Crystal
THIS IS AFTER STARLIGHT BUT WITHOUT SEASON 6 BUT GARROTH IS A WEREWOLF ________________________________________________________________________ A lifetime. That is a lon...
Zane~Chan Fluff One-Shots - //After Starlight// by SevenWritesStuff
Zane~Chan Fluff One-Shots - // Superstitious Seven
Zane and Nana are back home from the crazy ride of Starlight Wonderland, with a few bruises and memories they won't ever forget. Safe from the Guardian Forces, they try...
Our Happily Ever After by AstridTJC
Our Happily Ever Afterby AstridTJC
After Starlight where all hell happened six months have pasted and Aphmau and Travis are still with GF trying to find out how they were able to go it to the bizarre form...
Aphmau Ship Asks by xKittehh
Aphmau Ship Asksby Kittehh
Questions to ask about all your favorite Aphmau Ships!! Taking Requests!! Includes: Aarmau Garrence Melinda Travlyn Vylante ZaneChan
Aphmau Lemons  by SlytherpuffFanfics
Aphmau Lemons by SlytherpuffFanfics
❗️❗️WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT, only read if your brain is fucked up like mine. I don't wanna ruin you❗️❗️ *All Fanart Pictures used in the stories are not mine*
Zane~Chan's Street Diary by Captain_Worldwing
Zane~Chan's Street Diaryby Tune Worldwing
While helping Lucinda Mystreet Zane is suddenly trapped in the world of Minecraft Diaries. As he tries to find a way home he meets the counterparts of his friends and ge...
Zana (A Zane x Kawaii~Chan Story) by agmillss
Zana (A Zane x Kawaii~Chan Story)by 𝚊𝚐𝚘𝚖𝚗𝚒
Hello, fellow Aphmau fan. This story is about a blossoming love between two characters in a YouTube series called MyStreet: Zane, and Nana, who you may know better as &q...
Love's Aftermath (Zana Fluff Oneshots) (COMPLETED) by PublishingWorlds
Love's Aftermath (Zana Fluff 😳
OMG! This 🐶 finally completed a book :0 ♤♡◇☆♧ Highest Rank: 1th In Zana! (3-28-19) Highest Rank: 1th In ZanexKawaiiChan! (3-28-19)
Lost (Alpha and Luna Sequel) [Aarmau AU] by prettypinklass
Lost (Alpha and Luna Sequel) [ ◦•●◉✿ ~ℙ𝔦ŇҜ𝕀€~ ✿◉●•
Cute Emo Killer - Zana ✔️ by KKalphaWolf
Cute Emo Killer - Zana ✔️by KK
|| Under construction but completed || Nana is terrified, she witnessed a horrific sight and in pure terror flees to escape. However, after fleeing Phoenix Drop she f...
The Happily Ever After|A MyStreet Fanfic|Completed by Chatty_Cat17
The Happily Ever After|A Chatty_Cat17
(Book 1) Everyone is home from Starlight, and things have changed, but for the better. Couples are coming together, and the biggest change of their life comes to my mai...
Mystreet...Life After Starlight. by bxbyjessica
Mystreet...Life After 1-800-HOTTIE😛
There will be a lot of romance, story and mystery. I am a SHIPPER, and there will be a lot of Zane~Chan just FYI. (My OTP) so, enjoy the story!
ZaneChan One-Shot Book by xKittehh
ZaneChan One-Shot Bookby Kittehh
Here's a collection of all my NSFW and SFW ZaneChan one shots for all of your Zane and Nana needs.
Who are you? (ZaneChan fanfiction) by 01WishfulThinking10
Who are you? (ZaneChan fanfiction)by Lessie
A ZaneChan fanfiction set in Phoenix Drop High, Kawaii~Chan accidentally texts Zane and they become unlikely friends. However, while she knows it's Zane, he has no idea...
Zane~Chan||One Shots by ohyeahthetampon
Zane~Chan||One Shotsby ➶Kisu➴
A full collection of Zane~Chan one shots! [✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  ✎  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧] {Contents} Zane~Chan No smut Fluff Boy x Girl Side ships ---- ⚠ I own none of the Aphmau character...
Zana: "𝓞𝓾𝓻 𝓛𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓻" by PublishingWorlds
Zana: "𝓞𝓾𝓻 𝓛𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓻"by 😳
[DISCONTINUE] This fast forwards to 3 years in season 7. None of this is cannon, and probably/most likely never will be. Enjoy ^^ _____________(✪)_____________ "I l...
Aphmau: Mystreet-After Starlight {COMPLETED} by AaNnNnAaIiRrAa
Aphmau: Mystreet-After Starlight { AaNnNnAaIiRrAa
After the events of what happened in Starlight, it was time for everyone to get back home. Although, questions still remain: Will Aaron retrieve his memories and sense o...