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HIBBATULLAH  by Hafnancy
Iniquity,empathy,humiliation & hot love
You're Our Light... by SovArshi
You're Our Sovarshi
Living in a world where people easily accepts the changes that come with life. It was hard for her to do so because her world revolved around practicality and seriousnes...
Remnant's High Voltage  by Untruly2K
Remnant's High Voltage by Love Train Express
What's up guy's so basically I came up with an idea so what better way is to write a fanfic of one of my favourite Jojo characters Diego Brando. Why did i want to start...
Hyunlix Idol-Stripper x Mafia King by KAWAII_bitch60
Hyunlix Idol-Stripper x Mafia Kingby KAWAII_bitch60
Hwang Hyunjin the mast dangerous mafia in the entire city of Seoul feared by EVERYONE,Cold,heartless,and Merciless personality Lee Felix a famous idol but is secretly a...
My Villain: The World(BNHAXJJBA) by Fluffyplatypus25
My Villain: The World(BNHAXJJBA)by KingExperienceOverHeaven
Danny Brando, student of UA, author's punching bag.... but what if... he was different.... a Villain, not a punching bag
Slave of love  by iamchristianseagull
Slave of love by Dooly
« បងមិនទាន់សងកម្មដែរបងធ្វើដាក់អូនទេហេតុអីបងចាកចេញទៅទាំងបែបនេះ ? » Jungkook x Jimin
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Remnant's Last Stand (Fan Made) by Untruly2K
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Remnant' Love Train Express
The story is set in 2013, Vale, Jousei Cujoh, The son of The 3rd protagonist of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Stardust Crusaders" Jotaro Kujo, gets sent to pris...
Haunted Hearts.  by bizzleheart
Haunted Hearts. by bizzleheart
What doesn't kill you haunts you. When Bizzle finds an abandoned house in the middle of no where Liliana does her level best to convince her overly curious boyfriend to...
What's Happening In South Africa by -edensrxse
What's Happening In South Africaby -edensrxse
PLEASE share with whoever you can, on and off of Wattpad
SZOPen bawi się w Gimpie by FryderykSZOPen
SZOPen bawi się w Gimpieby Po prostu Frycek
W sumie, jakby nie patrzeć, moje znajomki co chwila proszą mnie o okładki, a mi aż szkoda się czasem robi, że sama ich gdzieś nie wrzucę. Więc będą one tu. Co tu robię? ...
•Ideje Za Priče• by KristinaStojanovic
•Ideje Za Priče•by Venom ||-// Queen
Just be true to who you are! - Jessie J ❤ Rank: #5 in Random (23.04.2018.) Thank you ❤
Pallid Fire by AbstruseTAG
Pallid Fireby l_o
-Redemption-Of-A-Fallen-Angel-BOOK- ONE-OF-THE-FULL-DARK-CHRONICLES- *** Is it Justice or Just Us? *** Enjoy the story ...
a guide to a zombie apocalypse (revision) by yatosscarf
a guide to a zombie apocalypse ( kade
this story is under revision
Za bois by Peach_Child_
Za boisby Ya local crackhead bean
bc sero has inspired me to make creck content thank sero
Sally by 210zaimaahmed
Sallyby ZA
Sally moved to a new place and she is going to start her New she is going to forget something that happened in her past? Will she be able to start her new life...
Do Mind [COMPLETED] by AbstruseTAG
Do Mind [COMPLETED]by l_o
A Fraction of my Art. l_o