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𝙼𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚊𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚢 (A BNHA fan fiction) by Yo_asui
𝙼𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚊𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚢 (A BNHA fan fic...by Yo_asui
Hi!Welcome to my first story! Just a few disclaimers: .I do not own any artwork .BNHA belongs to Kōhei Horikoshi .I simply created a story line I thought could work out ...
Two Heros, One Heart (Yuuga Aoyama x Reader) by crystalgaia
Two Heros, One Heart (Yuuga Aoyama...by crystalgaia
y/n was a girl who was blessed with a very powerful quirk in the world of Boku no Hero Academia, which gave her a huge head start into becoming one of the many beloved h...
Possessive (Yandere Bakugou X Reader) by AlexandraLeshae
Possessive (Yandere Bakugou X Read...by AlexandraLeshae
Y/N was destined to be a villain, but she wants nothing more than to be just like her mother: An inspiring hero. She turns to one of her mother's close friends, Shota Ai...
Can You Tape a Broken Heart? [Hanta Sero x Reader] by imaboke24
Can You Tape a Broken Heart? [Hant...by ✨Boke✨
(L/N) (F/N) has grown up with Denki Kaminari her entire life and all they've ever wanted was to be heroes together. Their childhood dream is starting to come true when t...
✖ EDITING ✖ «Momo's Twin» Book 3 by aprettyperson
✖ EDITING ✖ «Momo's Twin» Book 3by creampuff
❌I AM WRITING/EDITING AGAIN❌ [BNHA FEM!READER INSERT] After being captured by the villain, a few of her classmates didn't try to bring their old [y/n] back but instead...
1A Headshots by AlmaIsAHuman
1A Headshotsby MissGreyWind
Just writing out short (or long, depends on my motivation after school) stories about Class 1A. Warning, swearing.
Sleep is for the weak! by Toast_Sama
Sleep is for the weak!by Mailla
Bakugou is having a sleepless night and can't stand being in his bed anymore. He stands up and goes to the common room, but it turns out he's not the only one having a s...
Quiet nights, Oh, and nail painting, there's that too. by ItsyBitsySakuPaku
Quiet nights, Oh, and nail paintin...by SHSL Sakura Hagiwara kinnie
Sero visits Aoyama late in the evening and they spend time together. Or the time Sero finds out that Aoyama likes to paint his nails and he wants his boyfriend to do his...
BNHA/MHA: Theories + Exposures by Miccabb
BNHA/MHA: Theories + Exposuresby Miccabb
Self explanatory. I don't own the characters or the series, I'm just having fun with my ideas for now.
Hundir by Elchicosininteres
Hundirby Pandirafa
Esta vez se va hundir, a su lado, no hay nadie quién pueda evitarlo. Ni siquiera él mismo o su razón. Bakugo x Aoyama. Shipcrack. BakuYama.
Underrated bnha characters x reader oneshots! by Nemuri_Midnight
Underrated bnha characters x reade...by BestGirl_Midnight
I have added every underrated character in this book! I am taking request right now!
Blossom by katsuukii
Blossomby vio(lette)
A oneshot about an Aoyama headcanon. Trigger: mild self-harm.
Those Unfortunate Souls by moonybluebell
Those Unfortunate Soulsby moonybluebell
As Shouto Todoroki looked at every single one of them, he smiled. Because he had been home with them all along and together they would burn the world down with... The OR...
Worlds of Seperate Titles  by Coltionorino
Worlds of Seperate Titles by Coltionorino
"With all the chatter coming to a halt." Mist appears and covers the room, as the must soon disappears in a second, someone who looks like Overhaul looks at th...
(Bakugou x Reader) My Secret Hero🌺💯 by Noe-chan25
(Bakugou x Reader) My Secret Hero�...by Noe-channie
I was so lonely, Desperate and Depressed.. But you were the only one who could bring me to my ~×Happiness×~... Thank You
Mha Oneshots  by Shluzie
Mha Oneshots by Shluzzzi
Hello! I do not do lemons but here's the things I'll gladly make a Oneshot of!: Fluff (☁️) Lime (🍈) Angst (⛈️) I DO NOT OWN THE ANIME NOR THE CHARACTERS
Destino by Elchicosininteres
Destinoby Pandirafa
El destino quedó firmado cuando ambos acudieron al llamado desesperado que el otro estaba dando. ShipCrack. BakuYama. Bakugo x Aoyama. Pandirafa es mi cuenta en fanfict...
Constellazione  The Infinite Hero: Spazia by Randomoddperson
Constellazione The Infinite Hero:...by Randomoddperson
In this story the reader is named Constellazione. Many things await her. Are you willing to go through these adventures with her, or will you be cowardly and choose a sa...
The Haunted Mansion - My Hero Academia - Halloween Special Fic by inasacakes
The Haunted Mansion - My Hero Acad...by ev!! ✨
Mina Ashido's aunt is out on a business trip and trusted her to keep the mansion in check. What does Ashido do? Throws a party, of course. She invites plenty of peopl...