Yuri!!! on ICE PICTURES by too-many-fxndxms
Yuri!!! on ICE PICTURESby ◇•◆Levi •♚• Ackerman◆•◇
{the cover's not exciting but it's all I can do with my 2007-computer-software :,)} I love this show with all of my heart, so why not do this? Besides, I have 200+ pics...
  • yaoi
  • enjoyyoself
  • victor
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Ships Galore (RP Book) by roadtoheay
Ships Galore (RP Book)by Heay♡
The title states all that needs to be known. - Hey guys, this book will be updated much more frequently than my other books, so if you want to interact with me more, jus...
  • happy
  • yurionice
  • rpbook
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Alpha17 (Victuuri) by berryboy9717
Alpha17 (Victuuri)by Berry Boy
Víctor y Yuuri son dos agentes acostumbrados a trabajar en solitario y que repentinamente son asignados a un mismo equipo. Ninguno está acostumbrado y para completar, e...
  • boyslove
  • slash
  • otayuri
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My Favorite Ships (Anime Edition) by RandomIsOnline
My Favorite Ships (Anime Edition)by RandomIsOnline
Here's a lovely little list of my anime OTP's! It includes pictures, couple theme songs, and other stuff.
  • danganronpa
  • danganronpaships
  • komahina
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The Ninja and The Ice Skater (YUUYU) by KelseyChloeStyles
The Ninja and The Ice Skater (YUUY...by iLove1D
"My dream isn't stepping on the ice rink to perform for the whole world. My dream is to step on the battleground to fight for my village to be at peace" Is wha...
  • yuriplisetsky
  • katsudon
  • katsuki
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Harem Battle. by IroshadowGL
Harem Battle.by .:ro-chan no-chan:.
Cover made by @Chiakichii Twenty-six stand in the middle of the auditorium. All await further instruction regarding what they were to do at this point. Some in fear, som...
  • ohgod
  • anime
  • fanfic
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Anime Instagram by ravin1644
Anime Instagramby R a v i n • w •
---Request open--- I want to try to do any anime character's instagram... As much requests as you want!!! Just comment any character and I'll do it!! If the character a...
  • anyotheranime
  • blackbutler
  • bokunoheroacademia
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Fictober 2018 by SuNightray
Fictober 2018by Kiri Laufeyson
¡Habemus días de retos por un mes! ¡31 retos por ser octubre! Diferentes fandoms y parejas. Espero que en algunos días se puedan identificar y los ayuden de alguna mane...
  • atsushinakajima
  • bakugokatsuki
  • danganropa2
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Hanahaki by ellexlight
Hanahakiby Elle <3
¿Cuánto daño puede hacer un amor no correspondido? Sientes una gran opresión en tu pecho al mismo tiempo que la respiración te falla y el corazón te duele. El amor haci...
  • tokyobabylon
  • victuuri
  • lxlight
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"i think i only have three brain cells" "well i'm not surprised you play for a symphonic orchestra and study at an ivy league" [YURI KATSUKI X MAL...
  • anime
  • yurionice
  • gayaf
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Yuri On Ice: A Skater's Eros by savanaanimefangirl
Yuri On Ice: A Skater's Erosby savanaanimefangirl
A few Instagram post of skaters and their new girlfriends go through the roof and an now it's all over the place.
  • instagram
  • romance
  • yurionice
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Short FanFictions by ChoiChua
Short FanFictionsby Choi Chua
(This is only a fan-fic, okay. I respect the original creators/artist of these anime/manga.) FanFiction of life/married life of: F: Haruka Nanase x Rin Matsuoka SNK: Ere...
  • yurionice
  • mpreg
  • yaoi
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yuri on ice: the musical by internetgardentool
yuri on ice: the musicalby Internet Hoes
where yoi characters and their descendants and our ocs sing to songs that relate n shit
  • musical
  • nextgeneration
  • yurionice
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Random oneshots. by Misty_like_anime
Random oneshots.by Misty_like_anime
Okay I'm horrible with describing stuff so... Yaoi, yuri, smut, fluff warning.
  • oneshots
  • yaoi
  • attackontitan
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mi galería personal (yaoi-yuri-hentai-gore) by Yuno-ayano
mi galería personal (yaoi-yuri-hen...by Yuno-ayano
las fotos mas hot que poseo
  • imagenes
  • chicaxchica
  • yaoianime
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Request and such by _Destined2Ship_
Request and suchby _Destined2Ship_
Request, questions, comments, concerns, whatever else: It's in here. This is my way of organizing everything hats going on with all my stories. I will add pages if I ne...
  • marvel
  • organization
  • requests
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Semanas dedicadas II by Escritoresonice
Semanas dedicadas IIby Escritores sobre el hielo
Porque hay muchos autores que merecen que le dediquemos una semana completa para compartir sus historias, seguimos con nuestras semanas temáticas en un nuevo libro.
  • yurionice
  • escritores
  • yoi
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yoi oc book by -loveochako
yoi oc bookby rina.
a profile book of "yuri on ice" ocs. [ including the second and third generation ]
  • firstgen
  • yurionice
  • figureskating
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Yuri on ice fanart by anonymous_princess21
Yuri on ice fanartby princess
  • gay
  • victuuri
  • victornikiforov
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Yuri!!! On Ice - Fanfictions by BubblyYU
Yuri!!! On Ice - Fanfictionsby Yutor
A random book of collected stories written by yours truly. Filled with: ~ Fluff ~ Angst {A lot} ~ Historical ~ Drama
  • angst
  • viktuuri
  • yuurikatsuki
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