My Diary by -RedReaper
My Diaryby - Grell -
Just A Place For Admin To Talk! There Might Be A Face Reveal In Here As Well!!
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You Want Him, Not Me..(Viktor Nikiforov x Male Reader ) by Jess_Bryan
You Want Him, Not Me..(Viktor Niki...by Jess_Bryan
You are to have a arranged marriage with the one and only Viktor Nikiforov the most famous Russian Ice Skater, But after Viktor sees Yuri Katsuki's ice skating video. He...
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Anime One Shots! (Reader Inserts) by Paradisesimmer12
Anime One Shots! (Reader Inserts)by Paradisesimmer
This is an anime one shot book! I watch a lot of different animes but if you want a certain story, feel free to comment an idea! I love taking requests!
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Anime One-Shots  by WombatSquid
Anime One-Shots by Mombat
Just some miscellaneous one-shots! ⚠WARNING⚠ This book will include: •Sexual Content •Violence •Strong language •Possibly triggering themes Cover created by -blossomie...
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"Entre quejas y sorpresas" [Especial de año nuevo Vikturio] by -Sayko-
"Entre quejas y sorpresas" [Especi...by -Sayko-
¡Un lindo gatito y un ruso que le encanta hacerlo enojar! Disfruta de esta corta historia la cual hace referencia al nuevo año que estamos recibiendo al estilo Vikturio...
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Patinando a tu lado (Yuri Plisetsky x Reader) by Paolalopez022017
Patinando a tu lado (Yuri Plisetsk...by Paola
__: No me pidas que te deje, dime Yuri ¿me quieres? Yuri: Te quiero, pero ahora estoy muy confundido.- El rubio desvió la mirada, tratando de no mirar a la menor de los...
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L'Instagram de Pichit by _pichit-chulanont_
L'Instagram de Pichitby _pichit-chulanont_
Salut ! Vous êtes sur mon insta !
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Soulmates  in 24 hours: Otayuri by peachyotayuri
Soulmates in 24 hours: Otayuriby shadi
You have exactly 24 hours to find your soulmate If you do, you live If you don't, you die along with your soulmate You have 24 hours Good luck
  • fanfiction
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Anime Oneshots by MissAnime6
Anime Oneshotsby Una Chica Totalmente Normal
Do I really need to explain Anime's (current) - Fairy Tail - Attack on Titan - Sword Art Online - Assasination Classroom - Seraph of the End - Free Iwatobi Swim Club ...
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SUPERFETACIÓN [Otayuri] Mpreg-Omegaverse by TayFrost
SUPERFETACIÓN [Otayuri] Mpreg-Omeg...by Taylor
¿Es posible embarazarse cuando ya estas en cinta? La resupuesta es: sí. Superfetación es la capacidad para concebir estando ya en un embarazo, sucede 1 o 2 veces al año...
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¡Me gustas! ° Pliroy by StelaScarlett
¡Me gustas! ° Pliroyby StelaScarlett
La espera nunca había sido tan sofocante. - Me gustas, Yuri. Tú me gustas... Silencio, uno en donde cada segundo parecía ser eterno. Yuri subió sus piernas sobre el asie...
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Anime Zodiac Signs by ssimpkins12
Anime Zodiac Signsby S.L Simpkins ❆
A collection of Anime Zodiacs. Most will be which character you are but I may do requests. I will probably be updating slowly.
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Diamantes sin descubrir by Fangirlyoi
Diamantes sin descubrirby FangirlYOI
Conociendo a la comunidad fanficker de Yuri On Ice. ➳Datos curiosos sobre fanfics ➳Razones para amar a tu OTP ➳Recomendaciones de obras ➳¡Y muchas cosas más!
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| Mallory's Vintage | BANANAFISH X YURI!!! ON ICE CROSSOVER  by maroonbeanies
| Mallory's Vintage | BANANAFISH X...by .
"some kill, some steal, some break the law, it doesn't matter as long as we're fed and strong~" Ash Lynx and Eiji Okurmura live during the Great Depression, a...
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Otaku's guide to hitting on anime boys.  by MercyIsDreaming
Otaku's guide to hitting on anime...by Mercy
~When normal people die they either go to heaven or hell. However when an otaku or a weeaboo die young they have a one out of 100,000,000 chance of being sent to the ani...
  • pokemon
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  • inuyasha
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Yuri!!! on ICE a la Chilena! by Mina-rii
Yuri!!! on ICE a la Chilena!by Minarii
¿Qué pasaría si Yuri On Ice hubiese ocurrido en Chile? ¡Que Rusia ni que Japón! ¡Vámono' a lo choro! ¡Uyuuuii! Portada toda piñufla hecha por mí. Capítulos (muy) cort...
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Mpreg rp  by mpreg_king
Mpreg rp by Riley
Please read through each part carefully before requesting to rp with me
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Klance One Shots (cus I can) by RenaShippingQueen
Klance One Shots (cus I can)by rsq.sboyf
Just some one shots for when I'm bored.
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Lessons for the Water God (Seme Male Reader X Yuri Plisetsky) by madmaniacc
Lessons for the Water God (Seme Ma...by Anonymous
You, a normal college student died after saving a little girl who almost drown in a river. You, yourself had no regret of saving the little girl but the thing you regret...
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Broken by VictoriasWings
Brokenby Victoria <3
"Don't take your eyes off of me" were the last words Yuri had said to Victor. Until he looked away for a split second, Something happened. He didn't ever think...
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