Yuuri Plisetsky's Diary by Russian-Ice-Queen
Yuuri Plisetsky's Diaryby Yuuri Bitches
Read the fucking title, bitches
  • plisetsky
  • yurionice
  • yuuri
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Anime Family by Lost156
Anime Familyby fℓυffу
Husband Character X Reader X Son/Daughter! Character
  • naruto
  • anime
  • family
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Seme male reader x various males  by Hobi_Daydreams
Seme male reader x various males by Hobi_Daydreams
Just some Seme male reader one-shots. Request are open! Feel free to tell me who you want me to do. Fluff Angst or Smut
  • onepunchman
  • gay
  • attackontitan
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30 days. [OtaYuri] by diphylleiagrayi90
30 days. [OtaYuri]by Diphylleia Grayi
Otabek Altin es un rico abogado de 27 años, nacido en Kazajistán pero residente en Rusia que se siente perdido sin su amado esclavo por más de seis años: hace tres meses...
  • yuriplisetsky
  • amoxesclavo
  • yuurikatsuki
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Deidara's Debut - Icecold Passion #Sasodei #Yuri!!!onICE by 89christmastrees
Deidara's Debut - Icecold Passion...by Paula
Deidara's schlechte Leistung in der Schule und das mangelnde Interesse am millionenschweren Unternehmen seines Vaters bringt ihn plötzlich in eine unangenehme Situation...
  • sasodei
  • yurikatsuki
  • boyxboy
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My Artworks by animequeen7777
My Artworksby Leilani Forrest
Sooo I know I told two other people that this book would've came out sometime last week, like mid July I think it was, but it's finally here, my artwork. I'll be doing o...
  • random
  • mikasa
  • eren
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Viktor Nikiforov's Diary by coach-viktor
Viktor Nikiforov's Diaryby 『 ヴィクトル・ニキフォロフ』
welcome-! come in, i do not bite-! even you, yurio! and yuuri!!
  • yurionice
  • viktor
  • yoi
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Who Are You Shipped With? (Requests Open!) (MULTIFANDOM) by bellaamarino
Who Are You Shipped With? (Request...by bellaamarino
Hey guys! If you want to submit a form, it's super simple! Please click on the FIRST CHAPTER of this book for more information about submitting a form! Fandoms I accept:...
  • fairytail
  • yurionice
  • ouranhighschoolhostclub
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Anime meme book #5 by Sebby-chan922
Anime meme book #5by Ruby Sutcliff
The title says it all!
  • yoi
  • aot
  • attackontitan
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TRUTH OR DARE by Hinata-_-ShouYuu
TRUTH OR DAREby Nishinoya Shouyou
How this is going to work is the reader sends in a penalty, a truth question **AND** a dare that is consisting of one person at least. No there is not an everyone dear a...
  • ft
  • yoi
  • somegaymoments
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YURI!!! ON ICE Pictures! by NeonLightz21
YURI!!! ON ICE Pictures!by Yaoi Proxie
These are my children. Do not hate on my children. If you do i will come at you with my knife shoes and f you up. I really hope you enjoy these pictures. I got them from...
  • makkachin
  • nikiforov
  • vitya
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Yurio in Wonderland | Yaoi | Victurio - PLOV | by cynster
Yurio in Wonderland | Yaoi | Victu...by 🍃H o l l a n d🍃
Argumento: "¿Puedes pensar en cosas imposibles? -No sirve de nada intentarlo-, dijo Alicia. - No se puede creer en cosas imposibles. - Me atrevería a decir que no t...
  • yoi
  • historiacorta
  • yaoi
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Anime One-shots by narukouchiha1
Anime One-shotsby NARUKO UCHIHA
Hey guys. Ok, so this will be a one-shot book. THERE WILL BE NO LEMONS!!! I know it's so unlike me but I want something on my page that anyone can read. Requests are ope...
  • naruto
  • blueexcorcist
  • futurediary
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Save Me(Yuuri X Viktor X Reader X Yurio) by CelestialMage121212
Save Me(Yuuri X Viktor X Reader X...by Alexandria Williams
First Yuri on Ice story Y/N L/N the target of Yuri, Yurio, and Victor's affection. An female figure skater that been friends with Yuri a long time. Nature Topics. Cussin...
  • skating
  • yurio
  • viktor
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Some Otayuri Trash by AwkwardLizardTrash
Some Otayuri Trashby Liz
Just a few little fluffy pieces to fill your heart. I hope. This is my first ever attempt at writing for other people, so don't kill me if it sucks and I ruin the sacred...
  • yuriplisetsky
  • nosmut
  • catsnuggles
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Yuri on Ice Roleplay by _FNAF_Lover_666_
Yuri on Ice Roleplayby The Crying child
Can you hear my heartbeat? Tired of feeling never enough. I close my eyes and tell myself that my dreams will come true. There'll be no more darkness When you believe in...
  • viktor
  • viktuuri
  • gay
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Yuri!!! On Ice - Oneshots by strangelyadorable
Yuri!!! On Ice - Oneshotsby hi
i keep getting inspired akdjakfkwnf things that will probably be in here smut fluff lime angst etc ahahaha god help my soul
  • viktuuri
  • vikturi
  • otabek
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a rumor in st. petersburg ❅ yuri plisetsky by gigi-mendes
a rumor in st. petersburg ❅ yuri p...by 🌹 a u d r e y 🌹
❝ have you heard? the prince of russia is taking a fancy to an american peasant! ❞ ━━ in which yuri plisetsky is a royal prince of russia in the 1930s, and falls for an...
  • royalty
  • yuriplisetsky
  • figureskating
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Cloudy by claire0bubble
Cloudyby DaSmolOne
  • mentalhealth
  • victuuri
  • yurionice
Stupid Oneshots by MonochromeWorld
Stupid Oneshotsby MonochromeWorld
Some stupid oneshots. Some are serious, but most of em are not. You can request stuff if you want, updates won't be often.
  • stories
  • short
  • fairytale
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