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[Braids] [Kirari x Sayaka]  by Gxlxtex
[Braids] [Kirari x Sayaka] by Lesbian
Sayaka notices her big feelings towards the president, Kirari. But what will happen when she decides to confess? -------- Yuri ____________ Fluff? ------- No smut ------
fujoshi ◇ jensoo by buttontae
fujoshi ◇ jensooby ✿
❝im proud to claim myself as a fujoshi, i ship two men. real hardcore. ❞
🌸My Hero Academia oneshots🌸 by Ihavenofriendslmao
🌸My Hero Academia oneshots🌸by ✨💥Mega Faggot 💥✨
✨Ah yes, lots of fluffy or smutty one shots/drabbles for my favorite anime✨ 👀can't wait for the game and season 3👀 🖐❌If you don't like a ship i do a oneshot on tough...
The Lapidot Diaries by Poetry_Lizards
The Lapidot Diariesby ~Poetry_Lizards~
Disclaimer - We changed the way Peri records her entries, due to the fact that they are a little easier to understand. Here, have a key :) D1-E1-P D1= Day one E1= Entry...
Rivailloli's Diary by TheDoctorAndHisAnime
Rivailloli's Diaryby New Blog:AssHoleJean
This Is A Fanfic About Yaoi Queen And A Booty Queen
Discord Fan Fictions by kayliebruito
Discord Fan Fictionsby Kay is not ok
I made cursed ships based off people in my discord server, this is basically all crack and not serious please try to enjoy bc I'm not a good writer
randome oneshots by t-claw
randome oneshotsby alex
This book will contain oneshots and normal sized stories in it. It will include my ocs, and some ships I think are cool. It will also be for male only readers.
[Yuri on ice] In Close Proximity by LookLing
[Yuri on ice] In Close Proximityby LookLing
เรื่องสั้นแนวดราม่า ของพิชิต จุฬานนท์ นักฟิกเกอร์สเก็ตผิวแทน ที่แอบรักคัทสึกิ ยูริ อดีตเพื่อนร่วมห้องสัญชาติญี่ปุ่นมานาน ทั้งที่รู้อยู่เต็มอกว่าไม่มีสิทธิ์ ทั้งที่อีกคน...
nsfw stories x reader  by Yaoi_love26
nsfw stories x reader by Yaoi_love26
i write all nsfw stories from all au's and you can request stories and you can request sfw stories as well and you can submit your own stories if you want me to post them
Book of Legends // Fire Emblem Smut by SplatQueenie
Book of Legends // Fire Emblem Smutby 💌𝒩𝒾𝓃𝒶🍉
This is basically a story full of a bunch of yaoi and yuri fire emblem smut one-shots-. I dont really write straight smut, so that's not happening- I'm not comfortable w...
Supa Strikas: Best friends forever 😍 by Nightbooklet
Supa Strikas: Best friends forever...by Nightflower_of.dimension
Previous book on "The life of a Silver wolf" by @doomalover. Explained/Bonus started: The two girls are from the kingdom and hell world. They are having lot o...
The Fairies's Hell by Butterflyzilla
The Fairies's Hellby Butterflyzilla
Natsu is struggling with his new found feelings for a certain ice mage. Gray wants a certain water mage to stop stalking him because he became a little lovey. Levy is wo...