Sleeping Beauty // otayuri fanfic  by Caslikesbees
Sleeping Beauty // otayuri fanfic by Oakley Wonders
Otabek Altin is working at a hospital for service hours for his high school. Otabek thought this experience would be boring but he enjoyed it after he met a certain some...
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  • otayuri
  • fanfiction
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The New Girl (TaeNy, YulSic, YoonHyun and SooSun Fanfic) by Dianneeyan
The New Girl (TaeNy, YulSic, YoonH...by Diane Kim
Tiffany Hwang is the most popular girl in their school and alot of guys courted her but at least one guy he didn't answer and there's this new girl Kim Taeyeon. Find wha...
  • girlsgeneration
  • hyuna
  • sojin
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الجانب المظلم || The Dark Side by FatimaMohammed317
الجانب المظلم || The Dark Sideby Fatima Al.re
أنكِ أمرأة تجتاحني في لحظات العشق ,كالزلزال تحرقني...تغرقني..تشعلني..تطفأني "كيم شيومين" يعشق السواد يتعمد غزو مشاعرها وأنوثتها يجبرها على عشق الذنوب يثملها...
  • سوك
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Give Me A Chance by curlytops0817
Give Me A Chanceby CurlyTops0817
Ferdinand John Torres VI, 24 is driven and ambitious. But unlike his father who got married at 22, Six has not brought any girl home. A gossip about him has been spread...
  • millionaire
  • faith
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Primer amor (Yuyuu) by DaikiAki
Primer amor (Yuyuu)by Daiki Aki
Yuuri es un pequeño incomprendido, nadie entendería que un niño de seis años se había enamorado de un adolescente. Nadie tomaría en serio sus sentimientos solo por ser p...
  • yuriplisetsky
  • yura
  • yuri
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Lovers Otayuri(smut, lemon, fluff) by xStarxBoyx
Lovers Otayuri(smut, lemon, fluff)by ~StärxBöy~
⚠️Warning⚠️ smut and lemons read at your own risk! Yurio and Otabek come home from a fun day out and here victor and yuri having fun in the room beside them will this tr...
  • otayuri
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Trouble Couple  by jjkimyoona
Trouble Couple by Jungkookie_fan
•Lee Hyeri is the coldest girl in school. •Jeon Jungkook is the bad boy who always flirts and play around with girl. •....but this is not their real personalities...it...
  • kpop
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Accidentally Pregnant by Chitoge_chan
Accidentally Pregnantby 정애영
What will you do when you accidentally pregnant and next week your going to be engaged with your accidentally man that you Slept with what will you do? Will it become lo...
  • family
  • baby
  • sexy
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Arctic Ties by TransientGuest
Arctic Tiesby TransientGuest
"You're adopted." It's amazing that even at twenty seven, two words can change your life. "Why would you tell me this now?" "We thought now w...
  • shortstory
  • lgbt
  • ocean
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My Prince X KTH by taemelv_
My Prince X KTHby taemelv_
"Gimana perasaan lo saat lo masuk ke sekolah yang elite dan dipenuhi oleh orang-orang yang rata-rata orang kelas kakap, dan lo satu kelas ama cogan dari geng yang p...
  • chengxiao
  • lisa
  • nc21
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Over The Rainbow ✓ by hyerimark
Over The Rainbow ✓by ʜʏᴇʀɪᴍᴀʀᴋ
❝być może na końcu tej tęczy czeka na nas coś lepszego❞
  • romans
  • parksungjin
  • yoondowoon
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Yuratchka- (Otayuri) {Yuri!!! On Ice Prostitute/Crime AU} by katsucki
Yuratchka- (Otayuri) {Yuri!!! On I...by 🔺J🔺
Yuri is a 17 year old prostitute who has been forced to work in a brothel for 2 years now, against his will. When his grandpa couldn't afford taking care of Yuri and him...
  • yurionice
  • otayuri
  • yuri
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Del odio al amor (Yurami / Yurio x Minami) by DaikiAki
Del odio al amor (Yurami / Yurio x...by Daiki Aki
Yuri Plisetsky y Kenjiro Minami tienen una rivalidad desde el pre-escolar y todo por tener el mismo objetivo: el amor de Yuuri Katsuki, su amable maestro. *Los personaje...
  • yura
  • yurionice
  • minamixyurio
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[A Tower of God Fanfiction] by xX-Aurea_Animus-Xx
[A Tower of God Fanfiction]by xX-Aurea_Animus-Xx
Bam, Khun and the rest of their group have to complete an entire test with a clone of themselves. Two out of all will have certain "desires" towards a certain...
  • webtoon
  • khun
  • lemon
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Ya, Saya Terima. by KyungsooMyrae
Ya, Saya Terima.by Myrae
-Si Nerdy sedar yang dia tidak akan pernah bercinta kerana penampilannya yang buruk dan biasa. Tapi Si Nerdy tak pernah sedar yang lelaki dia suka selama ini mengharap...
  • got7bambam
  • got7
  • highschoollife
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Love mistook for lust (OtaYuri AU) by IceTigerOfRussia
Love mistook for lust (OtaYuri AU)by IceTigerOfRussia
Yuri Plisetsky is one of the most attractive men in Russia. He used to be an extremely innocent and pure soul... Until that one fateful day, he was cornered and forced b...
  • yura
  • yurionice
  • victuuri
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WAR ZONE(baekhyun ff) by tayhyung1995
WAR ZONE(baekhyun ff)by Simrat😘
Our love will never end...after my death I will still be with you as your shadow.....I love you♡
  • chanyeol
  • exoimagine
  • yura
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αℓωαуѕ.  by tae_tae-bts
αℓωαуѕ. by Weirdgirl-TaeTae
Taejoon is a regular guy that is used to things the away they always are but a week later he finds out that 'the girl' that has always been there had done suicide whats...
  • tae
  • yura
  • forgetting
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Sun-kissed by Caslikesbees
Sun-kissedby Oakley Wonders
Otabek Altin is a 18 year old who just finished high school. He doesn't like the summer very much but is forced to go to Florida every year for summer. Somethings differ...
  • yurio
  • yeeeeeeeet
  • fluff
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El rincón de Otayuri. by hija_de_hermes
El rincón de Otayuri.by hija_de_hermes
¿Shippeas Otayuri? Esta es tu histora. Memes, imágenes, teorías, one-shots, fanarts y mucho más de nuestros queridos bebés. Ni los personajes ni las imágenes me pertenec...
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