The Heartbreakers (PPGZ X RRBZ Romantic Fanfic) by Cutecub101
The Heartbreakers (PPGZ X RRBZ Rom...by PpgzXRrbzshipper
Yumiko Silverhearts, Momoko Akatsutsumi, Miyako Gotokuji and Kauro Matsubara, These are girls known to breaks guy's heart but for some reasons, their hearts broke in hal...
  • kaizo
  • yumiko
  • mikuto
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kakegurui yandere kirari momobami x fem reader x stalker Yumiko by SPACE_HIPPIE-
kakegurui yandere kirari momobami...by SPACE_HIPPIE-
Pretty much in the name~ but this follows y/n l/n and between her stalker and her yandere~
  • yuri
  • kakegurui
  • stalker
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Magical Pets (PPGZ X RRBZ fanfiction) by Cutecub101
Magical Pets (PPGZ X RRBZ fanficti...by PpgzXRrbzshipper
Momoko, Kauro, Yumiko and Miyako bestfriends with their pets they named Ikuto-the magical puppy of Momoko, Mikuto-the cute rabbit of Miyako, Kai- the amaze squirrel of K...
  • yumiko
  • miyako
  • kai
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The Fruit of Grisaia by KaylaSinclair42
The Fruit of Grisaiaby Kanna Kamui
Art, story, and characters along with other attributions belong to Front Wing.
  • psychological
  • yumiko
  • sachi
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Tokyo Ghoul: Behind My Chains by xandy_linghag
Tokyo Ghoul: Behind My Chainsby [̲̅S][̲̅y][̲̅k][̲̅0]
Kuroyukihime. A ghoul like no other, recentely arrived to the 20th ward. She finally reunited with her best friend, and her old friends. Especially Kaneki, which she sec...
  • kuroyukihime
  • yumiko
  • kaneki
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The Queen's foxes  by demongirl1231
The Queen's foxes by sōgen yumiko
Yumiko crylin is Ciel's best friend. Well she's more like family.Ciel and her was in the situation where they both got kidnapped.They maked a contract with a demon.She a...
  • yumiko
  • sebastian
  • alex
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~Casmiko~ by skylarslimecat
~Casmiko~by skylarslimecat
Hey look a fanfic that isn't gay?!?!?! wow shocking. anyway this is a fanfic for the characters Yumiko and Caspian cause i love them, they are from the game brawlhalla...
  • caspian
  • yumiko
  • brawlhalla
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