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THE BADBOY NEXT DOOR  (completed) by fredrick_03
THE BADBOY NEXT DOOR (completed)by fredrick_03
Aliya Paterson was just an average teenage girl who spent most days sitting on her window sill writing in her diary. And then everything changed when bad boy Jake Anders...
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︓ genshin smut ⤾ by vinnywinnysfan
︓ genshin smut ⤾by vinnywinny
genshin smuts!, any requests are okay as long as it isn't proshippers and illegal ships! example : qiqi x hu tao and more || emoji meaning : if you see the emoji of ❤ th...
"You belong to me." (A Possessive Sasuke Uchiha x Reader) by KyeCoe
"You belong to me." (A Possessive...by ° 🎀 𝒞𝑒𝓇𝓉𝒾𝒻𝒾𝑒𝒹 𝒥�...
You, A new student at Hokage High, meets someone new. Sasuke Uchiha. You think you hate him.. but really.. you just can't resist him.
diluc doodles by dilucious
diluc doodlesby aria ☻
diluc doodles i find in my gcse notes as i revise bc i am bored and hate revising plus maybe a few kaeyas and others who knows cover belongs to me (my gcses are long ov...
Missing (Cate Blanchett Fan Fiction) by Caffeinated_CateB
Missing (Cate Blanchett Fan Fictio...by Lilith Ritter
Warning: Mature Content and Smut *In the story, Cate Blanchett is single and all the happenings are not based on real life experiences. Two absolute strangers met at a s...
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Smile Though It Hurts (Brie Evantee Fan Fiction) by Caffeinated_CateB
Smile Though It Hurts (Brie Evante...by Lilith Ritter
Lennox Ripley was no ordinary human being. She was entitled because how she is the assistant of Brie Evantee, one of the most well known personalities in America. She tr...
Me Before You (Cate Blanchett x Student) by Caffeinated_CateB
Me Before You (Cate Blanchett x St...by Lilith Ritter
"I will never, ever regret the things I've done. Because most days, all you have are places in your memory that you can go to." Riley Clarke gets herself one o...
My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
Impossible Uchiha / Stuck in Naruto //HatsuneMiku085 (On Short Mini Hold) by HatsuneMiku085
Impossible Uchiha / Stuck in Narut...by 6 WIPs
Akari Takahashi, the weirdest girl in school, knows just about everything about Naruto. She stays up until midnight to watch it. But she doesn't have many friends becaus...
Crayons by mortsfeministagenda
Crayonsby Aj
Teacher Steve and parent Eddie au They meet on a Christmas tree farm Eddie drives a red pickup (not clickbait!!) Cute shit Yay
Thank You, Really (Sheba Hart x Student) by Caffeinated_CateB
Thank You, Really (Sheba Hart x St...by Lilith Ritter
Based on the movie Notes on a Scandal The new art teacher, Sheba Hart, comes in the city of London to teach her profession. Her quiet and very shy personality comes thro...
Donald Trump Smut: HIM. by aquateens
Donald Trump Smut: HIM.by crack baby
Donald Trump X Reader [HIGHEST RANK: #1 IN #FURSONA] how could you resist his raggedy hair his wrinkly orange skin his whopping 2 centimeter peepee 4 in 5 Doctors Recom...
SERVE (Cate Blanchett x Soldier) by Caffeinated_CateB
SERVE (Cate Blanchett x Soldier)by Lilith Ritter
After 10 years, a woman that Cate has been wishing for came to a reality. The story revolves around the couple, Cate Blanchett and Maeve Cooper. A typical love story tha...
Dark Blood by AmberLeeH13
Dark Bloodby Amber Lee
{Completed}Lila has a secret. She has a muddy blood line that has her dealing with a deformations, ones that she tries to hide from others as best she can no matter what...
Eyes that Glow | Herobrine X Reader (COMPLETED) by Waffle_Muggler
Eyes that Glow | Herobrine X Reade...by bread
This is my first story on Wattpad. Sorry in advance if there are any mistakes or inconsistencies to the plotline. I hope you like my story!☺☺
Here We Go Again (Sandra, Cate and Sarah x Woman) by Caffeinated_CateB
Here We Go Again (Sandra, Cate and...by Lilith Ritter
The three reunite in an unexpected occasion. Based on the Most Iconic Trio and the musical Mamma Mia... Andy Smith, a single mom, is giving her daughter away Eli to her...
Surrender (Cate Blanchett x Sandra Bullock) by Caffeinated_CateB
Surrender (Cate Blanchett x Sandra...by Lilith Ritter
Dealing whats good and bad, how things should be or how it shouldn't. Sandra falls for her friend Cate while she doesnt have the same feelings for her. Revenge, love, co...
genshin x reader spicy hehehheehhhehehehe by yanfeihaver
genshin x reader spicy hehehheehhh...by xiao simp
i literally posted this one on youtube but they had to take the playlist down 😪 its me just incase you saw it lol I SUCK AT THIS BUT ACTUALLY RLLY GOOD AT THIS TRUST ME...
The Exchange (Cate Blanchett and Angelina Jolie Fan Fiction) by Caffeinated_CateB
The Exchange (Cate Blanchett and A...by Lilith Ritter
A happy and beautiful marriage... That is what Rue and Cate have been experiencing for the past years. All the fun times were great, all the laughter and sadness that wa...
Never Love Again (Cate Blanchett x Musician) by Caffeinated_CateB
Never Love Again (Cate Blanchett x...by Lilith Ritter
Everything seems to have an obstacle. No matter it affects your life or not. This is what Marcy Reed thinks about her life until she meets Cate Blanchett, her whole life...