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A Dragon's Song (Fairy Tail x Reader) by PaperPrincessAstral
A Dragon's Song (Fairy Tail x Read...by ♡Nini~chan♡
After poachers hunted down your adopted mother, Sea Serpant Aragana, (Y/N) goes around to numerous guilds dancing for money. (Y/N) is a gifted dancer and songstress but...
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Be My Light (Rogue X Reader) by Skaiura
Be My Light (Rogue X Reader)by Skaiura Bloom
"How can someone with a dark personality, be my light?" "How can someone with a blackest soul, have the brightest beam?" Cover by @The_DCruz_Missile_...
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Now and Always (StingYu fanfiction) by fightmeonFTbro
Now and Always (StingYu fanfiction)by fightmeonFTbro
Yukino leaves Sabertooth without a word, only letters to give to her comrades. Nine years later, she's back and with two little children who look a little too much like...
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Dragon Spirit by iiapparitionii
Dragon Spiritby Apparition
Lucy, Wendy, Juvia, Levy, and Gajeel all feel out of place and unwanted by their guild. The others have all known each other since their childhood and these five just ca...
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My Big-Hearted Dragon... Slayer by LunarQuinn
My Big-Hearted Dragon... Slayerby Wolvine
Since she came back to Sabertooth, Yukino has felt like she's being pushed to the side by her friends. Since the previous master left, Sting has constantly been letting...
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The Forgotten Spirit by 02FireQueenAMA20
The Forgotten Spiritby 02FireQueenAMA20
"Sometimes, for something to come true, it takes just a little bit of faith..." Y/N has been on Earthland for years and finds herself growing weaker by the day...
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A new start  by Vicky0942
A new start by Vicky
Lucy Leaves fairy tail after it got disbanded. A month after, Lucy meats an old enemy who has changed for the better. She joined a new guild, gets a new family and a ne...
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"The Runaway" (Rogue x Reader) by Bakugou-jpg
"The Runaway" (Rogue x Reader)by Noëlle & Kaya
She was part of a dark guild. He was part of a good guild. She was a criminal. He was a hero. Two different kind of people, who's paths cross each others on a rainy day...
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Your Fire Lights My Darkness   |An Eclipse Loke x Natsu Fanfic| by 0Muramasa0
Your Fire Lights My Darkness |An...by Michikatsu Tsugikuni
During the fight between Eclipse Loke and Natsu Dragneel, emotions were confessed, alliances were made, and many more. This is an Eclipse Loke x Natsu fanfic. There are...
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A Lover's Journey: A NALU fanfiction by INFINITYBROTATO
A Lover's Journey: A NALU fanficti...by Emo Trash
Ever since the last job Lucy and Natsu went on, Lucy's been a bit out of character. She rarely smiles or talks or laughs. I miss the old Lucy and I want her back. I'd do...
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Fiore Academy *ON HOLD* by fairytailneko011
Fiore Academy *ON HOLD*by fairytailneko011
Where there's a school, there's classes. Where there's classes, there's students. Where there's students, there's drama. Where there's drama, there's love. When Sorano...
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Team Psychopathes by veniloc22
Team Psychopathesby Folle_Cupidémone ❤
Une bande de potes un peu particulière, surtout les filles qui sont complètement folles. Et j'en dis pas plus, lisez !
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{COMPLETED} If Our Story Was Different (A Rogura FanFiction) by freshtaebreze
{COMPLETED} If Our Story Was Diffe...by mika — 미카 🌿
What if the Grand Magic Games never happened, how would they meet? And if certain guilds weren't AS active? What difference would it make? This FanFiction is pinpointed...
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Sting's Empress by mystorius
Sting's Empressby mystorius
Lucy and Sting have been dating for a while now. One day while Lucy and Sting were having a date, a mysterious pink haired dragon slayer, a red headed warrior, a navy bl...
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The Tale Of True Lovers (Fairy Tail Au) by Empress_Of_Water
The Tale Of True Lovers (Fairy Tai...by Aqua
In a world full of hidden magic, 2 familiar fairies will meet and spin a tale as old as time, providing adventure and love for the couple. Well, the ZerVis story is basi...
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God of Magic, Royal Elites by iiPastella
God of Magic, Royal Elitesby Rei Utada
Three very known wizards in the land. Three who saved the world. Three who have seen it all. These three wizards are also known as Royal Elites. Everyone knows that Elit...
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NaLu- The Celestial Mage -StingLu [ON HOLD UNTIL I GET TO 350 READS] by StickingtoDreaming
NaLu- The Celestial Mage -StingLu...by 𝙈𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙙𝙮
After Natsu finally confessed his feelings to Lucy she goes missing. Has she been kidnapped? Has she run away? Who knows what happened. ❁This is my FIRST story on Wattp...
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Light by UncrewedCandy29
Lightby Yuki Kumiko
Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable .: StingYu implied. One-shot. Canonverse AU :.
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Fairy Tail x Male reader Poll by Yg9001
Fairy Tail x Male reader Pollby Yung_GAWD_HeadA$$
Ok so, I am VERY scatter brained and have A LOT of story ideas at the moment; thus, making it difficult to focus on one for an extended period of time. So, while this is...
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We're Not Crazy  by CruiseAdventures
We're Not Crazy by Cruise Adventures
Fairy Tail fanfic. Crazy. Insane. That's what people think of when they hear about the Fairy Tail mental hospital. But inside, there's twenty two residents, living their...
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