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Curiosity Killed more than Just a Cat (Yukine x Reader(A Noragami Fanfic)) by bluebat31
Curiosity Killed more than Just a...by bluebat31
Yato, Yukine and Hiyori are in their most difficult battle with Phantoms yet. Luckily Yato spots another Regalia. Then again, perhaps he wasn't all that lucky. While thi...
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Fate's Encounter by misfitbunny
Fate's Encounterby Elle 🌙
Y/N was a regular 16 year old girl in her second year of high school, trying to figure out her true self. "Let me be normal... Please, I didn't ask for you!" S...
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Contemplating Love (Yukine X Reader) by mochiiii-mavii
Contemplating Love (Yukine X Reade...by mavi
You are a Regalia looking for a master. The supposedly "Yato" gad has made you his regalia,including his older regalia Yukine.You both don't get on the right f...
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Noragami X Reader One-shots by Pervy_Sensei
Noragami X Reader One-shotsby Yours Truly
[Noragami x Reader/Character] Requests are currently open [Starting February 27, 2019]
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So Not Cliche [Yukine x Reader] by BeginningAndEne
So Not Cliche [Yukine x Reader]by trash (remastered)
This is not a cliche story. This is about a girl and blonde haired boy who can never seem to get their act together. Who knew romance could be so clumsy? [Strongly based...
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Yukine x reader oneshots!!! (Discontinued, but completed) by chibis_r_2_cute
Yukine x reader oneshots!!! (Disco...by No-Longer-Online
Yukine is soooo adorable! I already made a noragami fanfic with my OC... But then I thought... Why not x readers? So if you agree that this little blonde is adorable I s...
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Yukine x reader by anime_sara
Yukine x readerby Sara
Read to find out :D *This is my first fan fiction but it has been edited Hope you enjoy*
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The broken regalia {Yukine x reader} by han1590
The broken regalia {Yukine x reade...by Jimin_Addict
I was in a dark abyss before I heard a voice. before I knew it, i was held by sweaty hands in a bright room. I was released soon after and saw where I was. I was the new...
The Angel and The Regalia (Noragami Yukine X Reader) by Kumiko_Ren
The Angel and The Regalia (Noragam...by _.purplealien._
Hi this is my first Fanfiction so please understand if I suck at this but don't worry I'll get better! 😊 . So this is the story of a angel that is sent to earth to be a...
I'll Never Let You Go Yukine x Reader Sequel by dramatyphoon
I'll Never Let You Go Yukine x Rea...by dramatyphoon
After the prequel, ~Angels Can't Die~ was praised and highly acclaimed, the sequel, this story accompanied it! A long time foe of Yato appears, and is after you and Yuki...
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Yukine x Reader by ChickenNug1
Yukine x Readerby Fire Wolf
My first story. Please Don't hate
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Intimate Oblivion (Yukine X Reader) || Noragami Fanfic by Audreychaan
Intimate Oblivion (Yukine X Reader...by Mikalexia
AU Fanfic: Before the incident, you and Yukine shared some moments. You two laughed together and enjoyed what life had to offer in each other's presence. Although you've...
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puppy love by xloverxboix
puppy loveby dante
a yukine x male reader story mostly fluff, not a lot of angst. no smut.
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Moon's Child ( Yukine x Reader ) (A Noragami Fanfiction) by xarabellex
Moon's Child ( Yukine x Reader ) (...by Arabelle
You were clueless. Who knew there was an infamous god who didn't have a shrine? But he found you. Gave you a name. A home. A friend. You wanted to know about who you we...
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I Will Be There (Yukine x Reader Fan Fiction) by aiexamdria
I Will Be There (Yukine x Reader F...by Ally
Summary: Yukine's only friend, (name), has stuck with him through thick and thin. No matter what, even after his mother's sudden death, she has been there for him...
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『 暖かさ。』 by fengshuijpg
『 暖かさ。』by ☹
《 Yukine x Reader. 》 Short story about what had happened one winter day.
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Maybe in Another Life (Yukine X Reader) by CorrinPrincessofNohr
Maybe in Another Life (Yukine X Re...by ~King of Angst~
You're now Yato's Shinki/Regalia, but hey, it's not all bad you died. That blonde kid seems kinda interesting.
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moon goddess (yukinexreader) by ayane-xo
moon goddess (yukinexreader)by ❁ aya ❁
hi! decided to make this story bc yukine is my bby ;u; and I love these kinds of stories! enjoy Yato and yukine are fighting a phantom when yato gets badly injured. It d...
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Little Miracles (Yukine x Reader) by misakirolls
Little Miracles (Yukine x Reader)by cinnamon roll
It was all so confusing. One minute, you were walking home from school and the next you were a god's Regalia. Let alone a homeless god. But, lucky for you, you weren't...
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Love me and only me. by BeKixie
Love me and only me.by xXxBëkïxXx
You gained feelings for Yato and his friend, but you couldn't pick between the two. When things happen and you get close who will you pick? The God or his friend? Though...
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