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Got7 Smuts by Unkn0wn777
Got7 Smutsby Unkn0wn777
Got7 x Reader smut It's oneshot's so enjoy WARNING: MATURE CONTENT AHEAD
Stiff Heart || Yugyeom x Reader by Food_Nerdz
Stiff Heart || Yugyeom x Readerby Eat Food is Good
You've been training as a bodyguard for years. A special task has been given to you; protect Got7. There's one major rule- don't fall in love. (Unedited)
The New Choreographer (Yugyeom x Reader) by PinkGyeomie
The New Choreographer (Yugyeom x R...by 🌸 Kerstie 🌸
Got7 Yugyeom x Reader. Got7's has their album, 7 for 7, coming out and you are Got7's new choreographer. What you didn't expect when you took the job is that you would...
Troublemaker  ✔️ || Got7 Yugyeom FF [1] by She1D3vil
Troublemaker ✔️ || Got7 Yugyeom F...by SM Tingz™
"Did you just check me out?" • • • I'm doing a lot of editing , so if you've been reading since i first started posting , you are going to be EXTREMELY confuse...
Bad Boy - Yugyeom x Reader (got7) by graze01
Bad Boy - Yugyeom x Reader (got7)by Graze Bookman
You transfer school but it wasn't a good decision. You met the bad Boy Kim Yugyeom. You soon notice that every girl drools over him since he consists of the hottest guy...
I Only Wanted To Be Normal || Yugyeom ☁ by softies_co
I Only Wanted To Be Normal || Yugy...by ♡
All you ever wanted was to live a normal life. You never would have imagined that everything could change so quickly. (Yugyeom x reader insert) ☁
Really?[Kim Yugyeom] by coryussfirmia
Really?[Kim Yugyeom]by shoebill
It's all begin with a messy day. Kylyn didnt want to mess up her first day working at the Kev2in's company. First day of work? Is it going to be easy for her? Nope. Afte...
Yugyeom (Got7) - smut oneshots series  by SugarVmin
Yugyeom (Got7) - smut oneshots ser...by SugarVmin
Some smut oneshots about Yugyeom I occasionally write for a friend eheh Enjoy ;)
My star (Yugyeom x Reader) by Kypop02
My star (Yugyeom x Reader)by Ky
New teacher, new job, new neighbors, and a mysterious boy.
Safety (Yugyeom x reader) by Jeonja_Meol_Kei
Safety (Yugyeom x reader)by Jeonja Meol Kei
Y/n refuses to believe her father just up and left her and her family. But then the painful realization hits her that's it's true when she finally finds him with a new w...
Just Friends ......? (Yugyeom x Yn) One-shot//Got7// by Mic_Z_cool
Just Friends ......? (Yugyeom x Yn...by Micmic🐻
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * An: Hi guys well I like to make a one-shot of Yugyeom and I don't know what to write in the description but the story will be nice :) I hope...
GOT7 IMAGINES by ThisISAnna0717
GOT7 IMAGINESby Anna Ramos
A Got7 Imagines for those people who loves and supports Got7 like I do. Hope you like it~ This is my first time doing this so I hope you understand if I will make some m...
Kim Yugyeom Imagines/Oneshots by yugyeoms_muffin
Kim Yugyeom Imagines/Oneshotsby Yugyeom's Muffin
Just a collection of imagines/oneshots of Yugyeom, aka my bias in Got7, sorry if they are bad haha anyways, I hope you enjoy and please give me some requests and suggest...
A paw-fect love (Hybrid Jungkook X Reader X Hybrid Yugyeom) by BeTaeBoop
A paw-fect love (Hybrid Jungkook X...by Myon'yon
Jungkook does appreciate his kind owner, but isn't one to show it, or at least not intel Yugyeom showed up. Jungkook is used to being spoiled, loved, and mainly the only...
Yugyeom x Reader Short Stories by mugiwaraLuffy19
Yugyeom x Reader Short Storiesby OTAKU_GIRL101
For all you yugyeomie aghases❤️Just a little collection of short stories✨this is also my first ever story on here i hope you like it❣️
One night | Yugyeom x reader 《smut》 by blackpinksbias
One night | Yugyeom x reader 《smut》by Someone
You're going to your boyfriend [Yugyeom] and his best friend [BamBam] for a day. What's gonna happen next?
The Difference is You by Ruebasedsoup
The Difference is Youby Mrs. Kang
Yugyeom has a dark, on going threat attacking him at all times- even when it's not there. Mentally and physically exhausted, he focuses on appeasing his father, but the...
US: Kim Yugyeom X Reader [DISCONTINUED] by xelkim
US: Kim Yugyeom X Reader [DISCONTI...by Xela 김젤라
"Jia ya..." "Mmm..." "..." "Nado saranghaeyo (I love you too)..." But that was then. And this is now. How do you deal with seeing...
Cries Of Next Door ; Kim Yugyeom  by kyg0kms
Cries Of Next Door ; Kim Yugyeom by ~*Kharma*~
The two of you were never meant to cross paths. He was the rebel from the wrong side of the tracks, You were just a girl who was still finding herself. School had its gr...
нσиєу вσу 🍯 || к.уg || YugyeomxReader by blackcat4428
нσиєу вσу 🍯 || к.уg || YugyeomxRe...by ᵗⁱʳᵉᵈ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵗʳᵉˢˢᵉᵈ
🍯 Y/n and Yugyeom bump into each other and suddenly the world is bright. The color of their eyes feel vibrant and the world stops in time. In a world filled with dullne...