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To The Moon  by Deeply_Obsessed
To The Moon by A Mess
As an idol, being in a relationship with someone who isn't in the same group is hard, but it gets much harder if they're in different companies as well. Jungkook took to...
"OH GOD! JEON JUNGKOOK STOP!" "No wifey~ say it again~"
instagram by JlNSOULS
instagramby ⋆
a mediocre social media au. /sope/ start: 12.O7.17 end: - ⓒ JlNSOULS
why do you? j.jk x bts by LOVELYR3NJUN
why do you? j.jk x btsby 𝙡𝙞𝙖~
Jungkook's friends ask him these questions over and over, but he never tells them the answer. They find out after he wrote to them before he left the country without tel...
Is it wrong to fall in love with your one and only best friend? TOP: BOTH BOTTOM: BOTH
Stalker 2 by namjoonsmaid
Stalker 2by namjoonsmaid
what the hell actually happened? i have no better despription sorry
Mafia's Baby {YUGKOOK} by LilNerdNyah
Mafia's Baby {YUGKOOK}by BLM✊🏾
Kim Yugyeom is the CEO of Kim Enterprise. Also a mafia leader. What happens when an innocent Jungkook comes into the picture. Hopefully his brothers can keep him safe fr...
Discapacidad °∆°  YoonMin by azuljt
Discapacidad °∆° YoonMinby azuljt
Fluff JiMin un chico en silla de ruedas. Bastante simpático y nuevo en la escuela. YoonGi, un chico "normal" con amigos "normales" Parejas adicional...
Even If I Die It's You || Taekook by guccigod95
Even If I Die It's You || Taekookby gucci_god
Taekook. That's all I have to say. ___ He ran to the door and pulled it open. And there he stood. The International Playboi. He was even more beautiful in real life then...
Jeon's Cafe | Yugkook by LetMeParkYourJimin
Jeon's Cafe | Yugkookby Jimin's Jams~♡
"wнy don'т yoυ тry on тнaт ѕĸιrт, вaвy?"
One Night (Yoonmin)✔ by Smol_hard_stan_
One Night (Yoonmin)✔by Smol hard stan
one night is all it took to fuck everything up. "let's go out they said." "it'll be fun they said" yoongi says laying in bed naked and now looking at...
Gotbangtan  by vminbam_rmjackson
Gotbangtan by vminbam_rmjackson
Got7 and Bts meets on an popular korean variety show called Idol Room. Some members clicks and some members don't. let's see how these boys take this experience. Ships:...
Con ayuda de mis amigos. (JAEWOO) by MarbasSantos
Con ayuda de mis amigos. (JAEWOO)by Marbas Amador
97Line, esta buscando un buen candidato para que sea pareja de el único soltero de su grupo, lo que ellos no sabían, era que ya tenia él indicado. -Fluff. -MiniHistoria...
Hearts In Darkness [YUGKOOK] by DevannyRangel
Hearts In Darkness [YUGKOOK]by Dalbich 달빛
Jeon Jungkook piensa que su día no puede ser peor, hasta que se encuentra atrapado en un oscuro ascensor con un completo desconocido. Distraído por una llamada telefónic...
Fight For Love [GOT7 X BTS] by irya_bnny
Fight For Love [GOT7 X BTS]by 원숭이
(Kunyit FF) " I'm Gonna Win This Fight! " BTS dan GOT7 baru sahaja kenal, tetapi mereka mula rapat apabila group Exo mula berani untuk menyentuh salah satu dar...
★ | Puppies | GOT7 x BTS | Yugkook | ★ by OoHhoney22
★ | Puppies | GOT7 x BTS | Yugkook...by 🍯ρσσh🍯
Puppies; The Jeon household and Kim household are next door neighbors. Though they never really knew eachother, it's seems as if their dogs always have. It wasn't...
MEMES by YoongiKookiesgirl
MEMESby վօմ'ɾҽ_Տɑժ_ցմɾӀ
Kpop ships meme random
LITTLE THINGS。jinhwanby 莉梛
❝no matter what i'll do, you'll never see me as your hyung, since everything i am to you is the short kid of the group❞ where jinhwan thinks that his members don't think...
safe place // yoonmin oneshots by YOONBlNS
safe place // yoonmin oneshotsby sunny
in which jimin and yoongi are THAT couple. fluffy yoonmin oneshots (lowercase intended)