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walmart by bamgyeoms
walmartby ¡ EVITA !
COMPLETED. i hated my life before i met you. MARK + JAEBEOM YUGYEOM + BAMBAM
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Take Me (Yugbam) by pinktendo2609
Take Me (Yugbam)by Lily Bell
Four of them against three of us.... A game of teasing and trickery where Kim Yugyeom, the toughest of the red class challenges I, BamBam of the white class. Vampires ru...
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Notice me ★ 2Jae by parkinsidemejimin
Notice me ★ 2Jaeby ☁︎ Adalene ☁︎
Youngjae has a crush on Jaebum. They're both famous so with the help of fans and friends. Will they become one? [completed]
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𝗲𝘆𝗲𝘀 ─ 2jae by ARSBABY
𝗲𝘆𝗲𝘀 ─ 2jaeby 穆迪.
choi youngjae can see one's soulmate in the foggy reflection in one's pupils. so why can he see himself vividly in im jaebum's?
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A Sweet Tune •Yugbam FF• by got7potatoo
A Sweet Tune •Yugbam FF•by yugbamisreal
Who would expect someone to be feel butterflies in his stomach just by hearing a sweet tune coming from a boy you just met? Is it love at first sight or are you just a...
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Instagram ★ Markson by parkinsidemejimin
Instagram ★ Marksonby ☁︎ Adalene ☁︎
Mark runs a famous fan account for Jackson in which with the help of friends they become markson. [completed]
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•Stripper• a markson story by sunshinejaee
•Stripper• a markson storyby 💓gay for chuu💓
Mark tuan was a poor stripper to everyone except for Jackson. Jackson thought he was beautiful...the most gorgeous boy he has ever seen, moving with grace as he danced...
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Secretly •Yugbam ff• by got7potatoo
Secretly •Yugbam ff•by yugbamisreal
Why can't my heart stop beating so fast when I'm with you? Maybe because I fell for you already, Kim Yugyeom. . . . Read to find out more.. I made a new book eye-
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Got7 smut by Hoe75722
Got7 smutby
smut but you can request something else as well
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Unexpectedly Together|2Jae|WATTYS2017 by Yoonmin321
Unexpectedly Together|2Jae|WATTYS2...by Lee Rin(Yoonmin321)(I'M BACK)
In which Youngjae and Jaebum have been messaging each other for a while now and decide to meet each other finally. And when they do, they find something unexpected.
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Oops || 2jae by RebelAirheads
Oops || 2jaeby Oops Trash Here
In which Youngjae finds out about Jaebum's sexuality and neither of them can help messing around a little *Warning: Very dramatic, some would say unrealistic but idc hav...
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Lemme smash? | Yugbam by bambamismyaesthetic
Lemme smash? | Yugbamby ʸᵒᵘ’ʳᵉ ᵈᵒⁱⁿᵍ ʷᵉˡˡ
Dab_ulous: lemme smash? Dab_ulous: please? Brownieee: hoe about no? Brownieee: *how - where bambam finds yugyeom on a dating app
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1:31 Am by bangchrispy
1:31 Amby 용찬
You and your soulmate have lyrics etched into your wrists. When you meet each other, the lyrics are completed. So what happens if you end up having lyrics to a song that...
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Single | JJP (editing) by TrashBinni
Single | JJP (editing)by TrashBinnii
"You're kinda hot" BOOK 1 🏅Highest Rankings: #4 Markson #29 Yugbam #3 JJP #194 GOT7 Started: 08/09/2018 Ended: 09/11/2019
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RAINBOW {Markson- instagram) by _leaders_lady
RAINBOW {Markson- instagram)by 🌈 bea 🌈
Tuan_ So, what's your favorite color? JackieWang Rainbow Tuan_ That's not a color ahahaha JackieWang It is! Rainbow it's the best color! JackieWang You have 7 op...
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[JJPROJECT ♡] ❝don't think i'm ever unblocking you❞ the first thing park jinyoung promises himself coming back to school after summer break? never date a fuckboy. after...
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💎完璧 - Yugbam💎 by Jacksons_Wang
💎完璧 - Yugbam💎by 🖤女の赤ちゃん🖤
Bambam97 is typing...
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euphoria ; got7 imagines by ultbambams
euphoria ; got7 imaginesby 🌕🌖🌑
A complete collection of blurbs, reactions, mtl, texts, and imagines for my loves; got7 All written by yours truly. thank you for your support! #404 in fanfiction - 8/7...
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Hiding You (Markson, 2Jae, Yugbam) by keitorin2609
Hiding You (Markson, 2Jae, Yugbam)by keitorin2609
As a young boy, Mark's parents adopt a child off the streets, Jackson. Over time they realise, Jackson's no ordinary child. "Jackson?" Mark murmured, still hal...
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Kpop One Shots by escapethe_gayships
Kpop One Shotsby Jasmine
Boy x boy and girl x girl ships.
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