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My YouTube Crush by user69503891
My YouTube Crushby Smiles
After a humiliating contest goes wrong on her family's popular YouTube channel, Cassie is stripped of her popularity, boyfriend and pride. She vows never to expose herse...
  • crush
  • highschool
  • fan
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instagram《solby by brinnyx
instagram《solbyby brin
colbybrock: im coming to meet you right now what no!!! colbybrock: what do you not want to see me? well I do but I dont want you to fly all the way out here colbybrock:...
  • viners
  • samgolbach
  • viner
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Banana bus crew x reader by atallfangirl
Banana bus crew x readerby atallfangirl
Just read give requests love ya
  • vanossgaming
  • xreader
  • iamwildcat
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DIZA ~ AS IT IS PT 2 by xoxo_dxl
DIZA ~ AS IT IS PT 2by DavidxLiza_
Part 2 of DIZA~AS IT IS :)
  • youtube
  • youtubelove
  • love
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•Youtube love• by jeonguk128
•Youtube love•by jeonguk
*So they meet through youtube, as yn is a big fan of jungkook who has a youtube chanel and so she decides to make a youtube chanel for jungkook and makes fanfictions of...
  • jungkook
  • jimin
  • taehyung
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Falling For My Bully by CoolCheer21
Falling For My Bullyby EmoNekoNightcoreGirl
Hello every one this is my first book. I hope y'all like it. Will u and Jack fall in love or will it end in a disaster?
  • jacksepticeye
  • youtube
  • bulied
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Forever by Isabella_Toledo
Foreverby Isabella_Toledo
As a girl who struggles in her life, meets her biggest inspirations, her whole life takes a huge turn.
  • drama
  • fanfic
  • youtubelove
Never Let Go Jacksepticeyexreader{Editing in progress} by sabx10
Never Let Go Jacksepticeyexreader{ Sabrina
You just moved to Ireland Wanting a new life But what waits in store is a mystery Totally awesome and amazing cover made by meeeee!
  • youtubelove
  • deep
  • goodbook
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Underwater Love Jacksepticeye X Reader by FnafL0ver
Underwater Love Jacksepticeye X emobandtrash
You are (Y/N) and you are a mermaid...well half that is...who just became a sophomore this year. Your mom was a gorgeous mermaid until she died from being hunted. Your d...
  • youtubelove
  • crankgameplays
  • mark
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the girl with blue hair  by darkk2005
the girl with blue hair by lea
Courtney Matten is a typical loner girl, a tortured soul, trying to get by. When a new boy walks into town, she struggles to keep her head above water. He may ruin her l...
  • tumblr
  • fanfiction
  • danisnotonfire
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Markiplier x Female Reader   My Angel by MikasaAckerman098
Markiplier x Female Reader My Mikasaackerman098
You were always despised by your family from as long as you can remember, and one day, they finally decided they've had enough. You're not sure why they hate you, or wha...
  • cuddling
  • xreader
  • lovebirds
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Jameden a love story  by 10HeyItsAna10
Jameden a love story by Ana
James and Jaiden are best friends and everything is going well little do they know there is a huge seceret
  • james
  • youtbers
  • youtube
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The sound of love (Kmac2021Xreader) by AmandaDorey
The sound of love (Kmac2021Xreader)by Amanda Dorey
You were visiting a scotting friend as feelings overcame you, but you could've never guessed that a heavy rain would cause such heavy experiences like this...
  • memelove
  • loveonfirstsight
  • fanfic
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Love or Friendship? || A Dolan Twins Imagine by Serena_935
Love or Friendship? || A Dolan Serena_935
This story places you with the Dolan Twins, you meet and (not-so) instantly click. Then your friendship is starting to turn into something else, but do you really want t...
  • dolantwins
  • dolan
  • twins
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Childhood Friends {Joe and Zoe Sugg} by JoeSuggImaginer
Childhood Friends {Joe and Zoe Multi Fandom Fanfics
Emmy, a 24 year old YouTuber, lives in LA.However , after a horrid love life of ups and downs , mainly downs, she decides it's finally time to move , so she moves to Lon...
  • niomismart
  • youtubers
  • joe
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A Ldshadowlady fan fiction<3 by True2urselff
A Ldshadowlady fan fiction<3by Esme <3
This is a Jizzie story on how Ldshadowlady and SmallishBeans meet and fall in love. This is my first story so please don't judge and let me know when there is grammar mi...
  • joel
  • lizzie
  • shadowbeans
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Standardtitlen - skriv din egen titel by Mejamette
Standardtitlen - skriv din egen Mejamette
  • casparandjoe
  • joe
  • youtube
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The Runaway by LovelyLittleHarley
The Runawayby LovelyLittleHarley
Elora has always hated her life. Things got much worse when her father tried to force her into a marriage. She didn't have anyone to help anymore so she ran. Will she fa...
  • youtubelove
  • mature
  • fanfiction
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Us As Zabbie  by bangtanlover21
Us As Zabbie by bangtanlover21
  • love
  • zane
  • zabbie
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Is This Love? by KithKatKathyKat
Is This Love?by KithKatKathyKat
Have you ever fallen deeply in love with someone you just met? Is he the man that your heart always desired? Is he the one your heart picked over thousands of guys that...
  • love
  • romance
  • teenromace
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