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𝕄𝕖𝕞𝕖𝕦𝕝𝕠𝕦𝕤 by KiwiPigeon
𝕄𝕖𝕞𝕖𝕦𝕝𝕠𝕦𝕤by KiwiPigeon
Just another George x Reader innit
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My Internet Sensation // imallexx X reader fanfic by elmsliee
My Internet Sensation // Erin 💕
a reader x imallexx fanfic story lowercase is intentional disclaimer - this story isn't intended to harm the reputation of and/or offend anyone. it's purely here for ent...
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Say it (AmazingPhil x Reader) by noonpad
Say it (AmazingPhil x Reader)by noonpad
A new boy moves to your village. You become great friends with him, but will you become more than just friends? Drama is happening at school, at home and, well, everywhe...
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I Still love You - natewantstobattle X reader by emmasyoutubeparade
I Still love You - trashingthefandoms
After spending 4 years your college where everyone treated you like dirt, you reunite with your childhood friend/crush, Nathan Smith. As you gain a relationship with him...
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Mrbeast team x reader (almost daily uploading) by TheFlashlightDreamer
Mrbeast team x reader (almost TheFlashlightDreamer
Hey! You've just entered an mrbeast x reader! You're more than welcome to read about jimmy and the crew in this story. I won't write any A/N's in the story, so this is m...
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Escape the Night Oneshots by mooniiwxlks
Escape the Night Oneshotsby 💙Wyn💙
If you watch Escape the Night, then you might like this book! If you don't...well, don't read I guess. Oh, and yes, there will be spoilers, so be warned. Highest Ranks:...
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Bad Boy | Caleb Logan by etherealparkers
Bad Boy | Caleb Loganby maya wilda 🕷
One event causes a bit to much drama. But just a bit to much right? DISCLAIMER!!!! CONTAINS CURSING SO IF YOUR NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THAT, SIMPLY DONT READ THIS STORY. AL...
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golden as we were - ksimon by homeisforhes
golden as we were - ksimonby homeisforhes
Simon and JJ have been bestfriends since forever, pretty much inseparable for most of their lives. When JJ starts a YouTube channel and sky rockets to fame, Simon starts...
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Adopted by Matpat and Steph  by ViralButNotReally
Adopted by Matpat and Steph by Viral ButNotReally
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Umbrella (A Dan Howell Fanfiction) by MissFand0m
Umbrella (A Dan Howell Fanfiction)by MissFand0m
There's a fine line between destiny and coincidence. Not every young man who offers to share his umbrella is your soul mate. __________________________________________...
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    ɴᴇᴇᴅy   { Septiplier } by gone_septic
ɴᴇᴇᴅy { Septiplier }by gone_septic
ll Septiplier ll A story where Jack feels like he isn't "enough" for Mark. This is based on a song called "Needy" by Ariana Grande
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Law of Attraction by Tinkmayyte
Law of Attractionby LadsLadsLads
Becca is a Law student in her final year in London. Somehow, she has found herself friends with all of her favourite YouTubers - but will they stay just friends?
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The Third Sugg (Zoella/Danisnotonfire) Book 1:The Third Sugg Trilogy *COMPLETED* by mediagirl94
The Third Sugg (Zoella/ Beth Robinson
Book 1: The Third Sugg Trilogy *COMPLETED* You might already know my sister if you even internet, Zoella. You might also be familiar with my twin, ThatcherJoe. They are...
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Poppy seed (g.dolan) by dolann_00
Poppy seed (g.dolan)by dolann_00
The person seemed nervous, but surprised at the same time. I snapped out of my thoughts when I realized I'm standing here staring into a strangers eyes , but were they e...
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Fallout (favremysabre x wolf reader) *UNDER EDITING* by Fanfics5433
Fallout (favremysabre x wolf Fanfics5433
I know he finnished this series but I decided to make this anyway I get to be more creative. prologue in the first part. ENJOY! Y/N is part wolf. She wakes up in a pod 2...
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I'm not like the Rest~ A Venturiantale fanfic by iilaura3
I'm not like the Rest~ A iilaura3
What happens when Sadie meets her favourite YouTubers? And why dose her dad not want the Venturiantale group anywhere near Sadie??
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Sanders Sides | Analogically Analogic (Book 1) | Collab w/ @fanfics_31 by FanFilledFandom
Sanders Sides | Analogically disaster ™
The gang grow anxious as first Logan then Virgil start acting weird. Able to fight this mysterious voice that attached itself to them, Roman is taken over by it all the...
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Decimation (Ianthony Apocalypse AU) by gracetheninja
Decimation (Ianthony Apocalypse AU)by grace
{CHAPTER FIC, IN PROGRESS, FLUFF/ANGST AU} **NEW UPDATES EVERY WEEKEND** At the end of life itself, who will you sacrifice everything for?
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A Haunting Love (Morgan × Garrett) (Morgatt) by fesmiley
A Haunting Love (Morgan × Garrett) Fesmiley
When two Youtubers connect through some friends they feel something, something strange. But it can't be, Garrett is gay... will he still feel gay after he protects Morga...
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Sweetie ⇹ KryozGaming  by madisonellcessor
Sweetie ⇹ KryozGaming by ♡Maddie♡
"I'm in love with you Alexandra." "Why, John?"
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