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Markiplier/Jacksepticeye Ego One Shots by _SunnyWritesThings_
Markiplier/Jacksepticeye Ego One Sunny E.
Here's a compilation of oneshots based off your favorite egos #4 in #Markiplieregos 6/05/19 #6 in #Alteregos 6/05/19 #3 in Jacksepticeyeegos 6/05/19
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Demons Have Hearts Too - Antisepticeye X Reader by pixleyer
Demons Have Hearts Too - Pixleye
Antisepticeye is a Demon. People think all demons are bad. But not this one, he's kind.
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Iplier's, Septiceye's, and Sander sides x Reader by Alaradragonlover
Iplier's, Septiceye's, and alara dragonlover
This is just going to be a bunch of short stories of you and an ego, or even the YouTuber. I don't, and will not write smut...only fluff...again no smut! Besides that I'...
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RANDOM by -w-KawaiiPotato-w-
stuff 😃😃😃😃😃😃 Highest Rank: #1 in communities, #33 in ranting, #12 in yeetus, #6 in fuckthis, and #6 in dead memes.
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The Creek (Antisepticeye x OC)  by sunsetsenpai
The Creek (Antisepticeye x OC) by ximena♡
"I felt an uncontrollable darkness overcome me. I felt my veins be flooded with a darkness I couldn't control." || *I do not own the picture in the cover I ju...
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Sinner or Saint? by Kaseyjacksmol
Sinner or Saint?by darkalways
Some weird things went on, but nothing ever like this.
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Nightmares ( Wilford Warfstache x Reader[OC] ) by carcinoSinner
Nightmares ( Wilford Warfstache carcinoSinner
The weeks are ticking by with another nightmare promised each night about a man with pink eyes leading you through a manor, becoming more possessive and obsessive over y...
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