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~Utaite x Reader~ [Fanfictions] by mmaouo
~Utaite x Reader~ [Fanfictions]by Mao
This is a story compilation about Utaite x Reader! (UNDER SERIOUS EDITING.) Utaite is a Japanese term for people who cover previously released songs and post them on Ni...
Vocaloid Translyrics by AriaSen007
Vocaloid Translyricsby Aria Sen
English translyrics that I've written for some Vocaloid songs!
Synthisizer by DarkCloud1267
Synthisizerby Branden
Synth: A person's Synthetic wavelength(The energy hidden inside each person at birth), The color of the Synth represents the element it has Blue: Water Red: Fire Orange:...
Utaite/Odorite Oneshots (Requests are OPEN) by Solva_aka_RedBell
Utaite/Odorite Oneshots ( RedBell
If an utaite or odorite as covered a song that you like or that I like, I will write a Utaite/Odorite x Reader oneshot using the story of the song as the plot. Please do...
167's Song Covers by ItsmeSRJS
167's Song Coversby 167
This part is split from "Bound In One".
TYERecords ~ The Youtaite adventure! by unicornz_leanna
TYERecords ~ The Youtaite leanna da bae
Howdy there folks! I'm the author and I have recently seen @NonamelessNogameless do a TYERecords Fanfic and that inspired me to create this. This is basically pokemon bu...
Unshakable Bonds by AriaSen007
Unshakable Bondsby Aria Sen
「"Yurenai Kizuna"... Throughout life, we meet thousands of people. Only a few of them will be noticed, fewer will be spoken to. Some selected ones will be what...
Vocaloid Translyrics by inactive_bird
Vocaloid Translyricsby this account is dead
English tranlyrics I write to Vocaloid songs. I'll taking requests as well! My translyrics are written using Hazuki No Yume's, Ti Pai's, or forgetfulsubs' translation un...
Translyrics and Song Meanings by seikaisabunny
Translyrics and Song Meaningsby arren
All of these translyris are written by me, unless otherwise stated. Please, do not use them without permission. :) I guess I also have to put warnings when songs get...
Vocaloid Academy [DISCONTINUED] by RyuuKuroichi
Vocaloid Academy [DISCONTINUED]by 第一黒龍 || クリ
Here, students will be able to learn music, academics, and much more but have fun while doing so! The teachers are going to be; Len and Rin Kagamine, Miku Hatsune, Kaito...
Vocaloid/Anime Translyrics by localsugawarastan
Vocaloid/Anime Translyricsby I need help probably
As someone who does a lot of English covers, this book is mostly a place to keep all the translyrics I write, but also for others to use! You're more than welcome to cov...