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Mending Hearts by Abut_Ahamed
Mending Heartsby Abut Ahamed
'Two broken hearts mend each other with Care, Support and Compassion' Shattered and Devasted by the unexpected events in their lives made both of them distant, lifeless...
Experiment 21 by IDKsomethingorother
Experiment 21by JamieScrawler
Science is always the answer. At least, to Test Tube it is. But this time, science may not give her the answers she wanted. What happens when you become too curious...
GCSE Descriptive Writing  by bobstrawberry
GCSE Descriptive Writing by Martha Baileford
🚨 PIECES THAT GOT ME AN A*🚨 This is a compilation of descriptive pieces that I wrote during my GCSE course, including loads of great tips for creative writing. Maybe...
bad boy | shyland ✓ by stardustshyland
bad boy | shyland ✓by ✰ amber ✰
[completed] shane dawson was everything your parents warned you about; not just reckless, but a trouble maker too. the boy who got held back a year. the boy who drinks a...
𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐬 | 𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐞 by nicpali
𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐬 | 𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐞by nicpali
Story Ideas/Plots/Prompts that would make a good story but i don't have time to work on. helping you with writer's block. (plot dump) [Highest Ranks] #17 - ideas #20...
Royal Runaway | by: Bootay0Call by bootay0call
Royal Runaway | by: Bootay0Callby yoon bumm
Princess Isla, a runaway. Adrian, a mafia king. Isla, a royal runaway manages to find herself in a sticky situation with a couple of low lives. When Adrian finds her, h...
Solus by noctiphobic
Solusby nya
so·lus /ˈsōləs/ adjective alone or unaccompanied If you looked her up in the dictionary, her picture would be next to the word solus.
Beauty & the Beast ✓ by ghost-writer13
Beauty & the Beast ✓by Cece Scott
"Who are you?" I asked the figure of which was crouched in the shadows of the tall trees looming above. The figure crawled towards me, never seeming to leave t...
Sensitivity (dnf) by lizzithewatermelon
Sensitivity (dnf)by ✌︎︎𝐿𝑖𝑧𝑧𝑖✌︎︎
Clay and George have been together for more than a year now. They are what you would call a "power couple" but George has an over imaginative mind. He thinks o...
Their Little Fighter (On Hold) by kgbrew1011
Their Little Fighter (On Hold)by kgbrew1011
Currently on hold while I work on ideas, outlining and another story. Adriana and her twin, Armano, haven't had an easy life. They have been through hell from the time t...
Unexpected Encounter ✔ by Zaynab10_
Unexpected Encounter ✔by Zainab Hassan
Yasmin a civilized and no-nonsense woman believed she achieved it all after moving to a new country with a new job at a famous company in the city. What she didn't expec...
room 207 | shyland ✓ by stardustshyland
room 207 | shyland ✓by ✰ amber ✰
[completed] of all the people in the world, ryland falls for shane, his older brother's best friend. - as a sophomore at his local high school, ryland is drowning in soc...
The Adventures of Drista  by yazyaze
The Adventures of Drista by Yazzie
"It's the Drista SMP now." Drista moves into L'manburg, expecting a quiet, peaceful life. She isn't ready for it, but once she arrives and learns that the Pres...
Oceans Call by jocelyng2003
Oceans Callby Jocelyn G.
Melody Hayes has always felt an urge to be near the Sea. And if she isn't she gets horribly sick until she can once again smell it's salt on the breeze. The California b...
Resisting  by naturally_dani
Resisting by Danielle🖤
"What just happened?" He looks at the tv screen and back at me. I shrug. "You just got smoked, that's what." "You've played this before. Why did...
Dami et Daniels. by adrenilio
Dami et Oluchi_Nnodebe...
Chidi Daniels. A constant A+ student with an electric smile that earns him quite a name amongst his peers. Also the son of the great Dr and Dr. Mrs Nduka-Daniels. D...
skinny love | shyland by stardustshyland
skinny love | shylandby ✰ amber ✰
shane dawson is the world's most famous music producer; surrounded by girls, sex and money 24/7. the world seems infatuated by his strong jawline and charming demeanour...
Type O_ by Some_Zesty_Cookies
Type O_by Some_Zesty_Cookies
Four and X had some money issues and got a great idea to get the money back before they get evicted and probably even kicked out of the city. After a few months they put...
The Grave That Killed The Truth  by Quinzel8904
The Grave That Killed The Truth by Quinzel Chaos
Set in the victorian era,smoke,fog and the scent of vengance and blood and anguish... Viola Yarnham awakes in a run-down infirmary or what it actually is,in...
Meet You Past The Galaxy by anonymous__i
Meet You Past The Galaxyby aibee
1947, Hindustan. A time period where the country was in total chaos due to the India - Pakistan partition. This story unravels the life of Noor who loved everyone around...