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Young McHanzo AU by wolfiphobia
Young McHanzo AUby wolfiphobia
Fantasy Young McHanzo AU where hanzo is an heir wanted for murdering his brother and (Mystery man)McCree finds him. i took the cover from kojiak on tumblr (If you ha...
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~Mchanzo Text~ by xXGala75Xx
~Mchanzo Text~by daddybladeblade
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The Gentlemen's Café [Young!McHanzo AU Fanfiction] by APinkGumyBear
The Gentlemen's Café [Young! APinkGumyBear
(This AU has bunny!Hanzo, wolf!McCree, bunny!Genji, and human!Zenyatta) After their parents sudden death, Hanzo and Genji are forced to live on their own. To put food on...
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Young Mchanzo: Sweet things by rabbitsuugar
Young Mchanzo: Sweet thingsby rabbitsuugar
Im not really sure where i'm going with this fic but its high school Mchanzo! There will be tons of fluff! No NSFW content, but lots of kissing and stuff. I will try to...
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