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Existence  by itz_kayleexx
Existence by itz_kayleexx
Kinsley Russo has never had a normal life. From living with her abusive mom and step father to living with her father and 6 older brothers. Will the bond be able to be...
Raising Sailor  by angelic_tears_
Raising Sailor by angelic_tears_
Sailor is a five year old girl who has four older brothers! What could go wrong right? This story if full of laughter, annoying brothers, cute moments and much much more...
Lost but Found by MAJ205
Lost but Foundby MAJ205
What happens after Annabelle Wallace comes in contact with Alex Greene, a great mafia leader, after escaping the hands of her abusive foster family What dark family secr...
Hopelessly Human by TheQuietHufflepuff
Hopelessly Humanby TheQuietHufflepuff
Sam has mysteriously returned from the Cage after falling in... and has been around for a whole year. From a soul's disappearance, to tragedy, to the land of monsters, t...
Living With My Brothers by Anthem_True_James
Living With My Brothersby Anthem_True_James
Noble is a 12 year old girl living with her 6 older brothers. They annoy, tease, and prank her. What happens when they realize Noble is growing up? Things take a big tur...
Carol or Caroline by DesiTheHistoryGirl
Carol or Carolineby Desi Marola
Caroline grew up as the only girl amongst her six older brothers in 1870. Most people down in town think she is the youngest boy amongst the Orin boys. But when the olde...
Winchester Three by TheQuietHufflepuff
Winchester Threeby TheQuietHufflepuff
Short stories with Sam, Dean and Natalia of past scenarios pre-show [Taking Requests] (Wednesday updates (after the first); uploading again on 9/23/20) (Chapters in mind...
Fight Fire With Fire by TheQuietHufflepuff
Fight Fire With Fireby TheQuietHufflepuff
Dean and Natalia are demons. It's up to Sam, Rae and Cas to save them... And to remove the Mark from them both. But removing the Mark costs a price so great that it thre...
My 12  Caring Brothers (Discontinue) by ZoobBTS
My 12 Caring Brothers ( Zubiya Masood
What happen when Y/N finds out that she have 12 brothers. 5 cousins and 7 real brothers. Now she can't get any boyfriend or any crush. Finds out what is her life with h...
Liliana  by a_vb_2
Liliana by .av.b
Liliana is a 14 year old girl, she is also mute. With her mother's physical abuse towards her she had no one to rely on, so she closed herself off. After her mother pass...
Love That Is Unconditional ✔️ by JungkooksArmyBag
Love That Is Unconditional ✔️by JungkooksArmyBag
"Bubba?" The small girl looked up at her older. "Yes darling?" He said brushing the hair in her eyes back with his hand. "You'll be with me fore...
Sorellina ✔️ by JungkooksArmyBag
Sorellina ✔️by JungkooksArmyBag
Secrets tear family's apart. "I don't even know you guys anymore! Everything I thought I knew about you was a lie! I feel so betrayed, do you even consider me your...