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Smudged Graphite by Queenofquixotic
Smudged Graphiteby S D
Lmao it's just an art book Cover Design: @procrastinity
Gone... Forever... by JustLukeNow
Gone... Just...Luke...
This isn't a story... This is real... My Brother killed himself... And I'm not gonna write a book about it... because that's just... not right... but to the person who m...
Looking Back by squidgy_132luv
Looking Backby squidgy_132luv
Find out who people really are
Poems from a broken human  by cornerchic
Poems from a broken human by She’sLoved
Poems I come up with at 12am or later...they suck
Playing Tag by RubyRedRose1207
Playing Tagby Dallas
I was seeing a bunch of these "Tag" books, and I love them so much! So, I decided to make one of my own. Happy Tagging!
It, This, That, Him, Her, and Whatever Else  by HSaucier_Writes
It, This, That, Him, Her, and Hayley Saucier
A story about some stranger's life that you may not even care about. But it's more for my sense of support rather than your enjoyment.
Imagine... by thepoetshumanheart
#8 EverythingsJustFine
Imagines... but not the ones you're thinking of... Also, maybe some short short stories... we'll see! Probably slow updates. Yes they are short. If you're confused let m...
Poetry  by RhiConley
Poetry by Rhi Conley
just some poetry I'm writing.
For The Passing Reader by RandomUser123470
For The Passing Readerby Canadian
Just a some flash fiction. A collection of short stories I guess. My profile did look a bit bare...
Couch Crushing by Llisona
Couch Crushingby Queen of Hell
I shipped two of my friends. Usernames are changed for anonymity, but it's fluffy and I like it, so enjoy! The super cute cover is by @glassescat2!
Happy sailing by JazmineAnamalyLopez
Happy sailingby Jazmine Lopez
This is number 3 of a series of journal entries that are helping me deal with my PTSD.
ECBUH  by ShinigamiJojo
ECBUH by Jojo
A certain person will understand the stupidity that went into writing this.
You Know Who You Are by hallowrainbow
You Know Who You Areby hallowrainbow
Letters to people that I would never send, saying things that I could never say
Classroom: A Horror Story by LittleBugga
Classroom: A Horror Storyby Supersized McShizzle
One day in class, three girls were scared out of their minds. The lesson was...too much to talk about. // names in here are totally fictional *wink, wink* (you know who...
You Know Who You Are (Love or Misery) by eternallytee
You Know Who You Are (Love or Itisha Franklin
Who said life was wonderful. Who said it was all bad. At what point do we get up from fallen. And how do we use the strength to over come our barriers. When do we know t...