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Chasing Love|| Treasure ships by Fujoshinova
Chasing Love|| Treasure shipsby Fujoshinova
Twelve guys. Different lives. Six love stories. All chasing love *warning* [The roles the characters play may contradict to their personality in reality] -Bullying -Angs...
ဒီဂျူနီယာလေးကတစ်မျိုးလေး by Sunflower_9205
ဒီဂျူနီယာလေးကတစ်မျိုးလေးby Ayehtet
ဂျောင်ဟွမ် - စီနီယာမှည့်လေး... ချစ်ဆုံးစီနီယာလေးရေ!!! စီနီယာမှည့်လေး - ငါပုန်းနေတာဒီကလေး မမြင်ပါစေနဲ့....
Wanting Mashiho|| Mashikyu by Fujoshinova
Wanting Mashiho|| Mashikyuby Fujoshinova
Mashiho, a Japanese boy who comes from a middle-class family, because of his wits, gets a scholarship alongside his friend into a prestigious university, getting there...
Enigmatic • HaruKyu by Uri_Peachyy
Enigmatic • HaruKyuby Uri Peachy
"Hey Junkyu, how does it feel like when you love someone so mysterious like Haruto?", Jihoon ponders. "His mysteriousness intrigues me so much that it wa...
Love within work|| Mashikyu by Fujoshinova
Love within work|| Mashikyuby Fujoshinova
Mashiho's been devastated ever since his crush transferred to another school, he didn't find interest in anyone after the departure of his crush, years later he meets hi...
Spring days in Busan by Sunflower_9205
Spring days in Busanby Ayehtet
စိတ်ကူးပေါ်လာတာလေးကိုရေးချင်ဖြစ်ပါသည် ပညာရှင်မဟုလိုအမှားပါရင်နားလည်ပေးကြပါ ကလေးနှစ်ယောက်ကိုမြတ်နိုးလို့ကိုယ်ကိုတိုင်လဲ ဖတ်ချင်တဲ့Ficအမျိုးစားလေးမို့ပါ နေရာတွေပုံစံတွေကစိ...
BROWN PIECES by Sunflower_9205
『𝕿𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖘𝖚𝖗𝖊 𝖇𝖝𝖇 𝖋𝖋 || 𝕿𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖘𝖚𝖗𝖊 𝖇𝖝𝖇 』 by mashikyuforever
『𝕿𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖘𝖚𝖗𝖊 𝖇𝖝𝖇 𝖋𝖋 || �...by Nicole B
『 Hi!! I will b doing this on the sidelines or when a lot of fantasies or storylines came up in my mind!! I will be doing announcements here for my bxb stories.  What I...
OBSIDIAN by kiowoopy
[OBSIDIAN NOVEL (eng) VER]: the same storyline as the au but the story is more detailed. Two rivals and the heirs to two of the most successful businesses in the entire...
MASHIKYU AU [TAGLISH] Alternative title : Huli pero hindi kulong [cross posted on X (twitter)] Wherein Milo [Shiho] and Devin [Kyu] are past lovers but Milo has a secre...
Anti girls - Yoshihwan by masheesho
Anti girls - Yoshihwanby 𝐫𝐞𝐧
Wherein Junghwan is tired of girls confessing their love for rhim. He decided to court one of his seniors.
treasure one-shot compilation (filo) by multi_writes
treasure one-shot compilation (fil...by Fallen Leaves
TAGLISH TREASURE ONE SHOTS COMPILATION. 1. nangangamba - sukhoon 2. takbuhan - harukyu 3. ??? see the notes for more info about this book.
Treasure mpreg  oneshots by Jaela4854
Treasure mpreg oneshotsby Nicole
Hi this is my first ever story to make. Request are open :)
Road of Memories by pretty_hwan
Road of Memoriesby pretty_hwan
They met again in the middle of the road, l painful and joyful memories suddenly flashes back. Written in Junghwan's Point of View.
WERIFESTERIA | a hajeongwoo fan-fic by walwrites_
WERIFESTERIA | a hajeongwoo fan-ficby Wal
In search for his lost mystery, a teen who was left by his family at his early age, Park Jeongwoo wandered like a lost soul. Feeling dejected of all the negativities and...
For Gwen (YoshiHwan) by fvckharv
For Gwen (YoshiHwan)by Jade Valentine
June (junghwan) fell for his classmate so he made a book to voice everything. Everything he wants to say to Gwen (Yoshi).
Rather Be | Hajeongwoo by Melleagris2
Rather Be | Hajeongwooby Melleagris
All conflict can be drawn back to someones emotion getting overlook, don't you think?
TRSR drabbles || ARTHY00NZ by arthyoon
TRSR drabbles || ARTHY00NZby Rye
Short stories and drabble aus for treasure !! Find my twitter acc: @ARTHY00NZ
Treasure Imagine by fvckharv
Treasure Imagineby Jade Valentine
I only update when I'm in the mood. No such thing as smuts Only legal rhings.
Treasure You  by ohvsky
Treasure You by hooch
random thoughts and random situation ( WARNING ⚠️ ) ~ bromance ( mem×mem ) ~ bad words ~ kissing and light smut ~ fluff and angst