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I Can't Help, but Love You-Byakuya Kuchiki love story by Polar_Eclipse
I Can't Help, but Love You-Byakuya...by Polar_Eclipse
Sakura Abarai is the 2nd Divisions Captain. Byakuya and her became friends when she first started as a Lieutenant until Yoruichi disappeared and she became captain. Then...
Her eyes by AfellowAnimeReader
Her eyesby 🇾‌🇺‌🇰‌🇰‌🇮‌
Modern universe of demon slayer (Kimetsu no yaiba now is Kimutsu academy ) *fun fact :- There is a little series on this modern version demon slayer in netflix * (KIMETS...
sn Hyuga  E Vc Quem Eu Amo.... by ffdragonsff
sn Hyuga E Vc Quem Eu Amo....by ffdragonsff
sn e filha de sakura hyuga e sason haruno eles se mudaram pra kimetsu pra sn virar uma caçadora de ôni e também com sua super força e seu byakugan é vai ser muito forte
Tanjiro Harem Texting by Tpain_Naruto
Tanjiro Harem Textingby Naruto Fanfiction
Upper moons simp over Tanjio Rui simp over Tanjiro Hashira simp over Tanjiro His Group simp over Tanjiro Ft. Yorichi, Muzan, Kamdo Family, Lady Tamyo, Nezko, Yushiro
Chambles / Demon slayer mafia au!! by hihiea
Chambles / Demon slayer mafia au!!by Creamed
Tanjiro is born into a horrible family. His father only wants his son to be a guard for him as he is the 2nd most prestigious mafia boss in the whole of Asia practically...
Hashiras of the sengoku era! by Aylin4551
Hashiras of the sengoku era!by Kolodk
Yes sengoku era mission and more!
TBATE with Yorichi by Aratakix
TBATE with Yorichiby
Yorichi reincarnated on the world of TBATE as the son of the family Bladeheart. Nothing else to say.
The next part of the journey by Gaaraiu31
The next part of the journeyby
first I wanna say that this is the re-writte of a story I like and couldn't be finished, the original belongs to Wararabihime-orian and the continuation of "Otsusuk...