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Binnie Baby (Binwoo)✔ by astroarohaz
Binnie Baby (Binwoo)✔by ❤❤
"What's your name cutie?" "I-I'm M-Moonbin and I'm lonely" Eunwoo couldn't help but take this cute guy with him. Taking care of a little Hybrid was...
HE IS CRAZY. ( BINWOO ) by astroarohaz
"You're very rare...hard to find and particularly made only for me to love. You..including your body belongs to me" Moonbin is a difficult person and Eunwoo ca...
My English Teacher(Binwoo)✔ by astroarohaz
My English Teacher(Binwoo)✔by ❤❤
"I know you're my teacher and you're married, I also know that you're a man and I'm a boy but even though I already know all about it... I can't control my feelings...
Arranged Marriage With Rocky || My Cold Husband by adibah_tofu
Arranged Marriage With Rocky || My...by Kawaii Tofu
I love him. I hate her. I get butterflies from him. I get disgusted of her. It was love at first sight. It was a one-sided love. When suddenly, everything changed and it...
confess | sanha by sixcy0un
confess | sanhaby dewy ヅ
"If you two continue doing that I wouldn't be surprise if someone actually falls in love." [ on-going ] astro fanfiction narrative - english started: 092819
Makeup : Astro's Moonbin by Gravvy_BUNS
Makeup : Astro's Moonbinby La.Grass ♡
"Congratulations, you're officially Astro's Makeup Artist" Started: March 28, 2019 Ended: April 8, 2020 Note: The story came from my imagination, if the story...
THE DARE ▶ Yoon Sanha by Erinnics
THE DARE ▶ Yoon Sanhaby Nic ♡
Things slowly turned upside down... The day he did the dare. [Highest ranking: sanha ❤️]
voicemail | moonbin by etherealjae
voicemail | moonbinby JAESTHETIC
saudade (n.) - a nostalgic longing to be near again to something or someone that is distant, or that has been loved then lost; "the love that remains." moonbin...
Clueless || Cha Eunwoo by chocolatewoo
Clueless || Cha Eunwooby Dani ♡
Seoyeon is just an ordinary high school student, away from all the school drama and gossips. She just loves to write and spend time with her brother and friends. One day...
Who Is She? | Cha Eunwoo  by therealleedongmin
Who Is She? | Cha Eunwoo by Astro's wife
Y/N is a girl with rude attitude, she is tall, pretty AND is the twin sister of Yoon Sanha, she is completely opposite of Sanha, they don't look twins at all and they ha...
Astro Imagines by HaI_UnIvErse
Astro Imaginesby ✨ 𝒥𝒶𝓏 ✨
⭐️Astro Imagination⭐️ 🏆Highest Ranks🏆: #135 in Random(Feb 20th, 2018) #5 in Astro(Aug 17th, 218) #1 in Aroha(Jan 12, 2019) Thank you wondering readers❤️ 🎉Started: Ju...
UNEXPECTEDLY FALLING FOR YOU ▶ Moonbin [✓] by Erinnics
Childhood friends. New guys. A mean girl. A deal. What could happen? [HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in moonbin, astro and sanha] [UNDER HEAVY EDITING]
baby - m.b + l.dm by loveleejihoon
baby - m.b + l.dmby bambi⚘
oh my baby - moonie.bin would like to add you as a friend! accept? moonie.bin has sent you chat! [short chapters <3]
Finding My Star||Yoon Sanha✔️ by baebypaenk
Finding My Star||Yoon Sanha✔️by wash ur hands
She's broken. She's lost. He's wandering. He found her. But lost her again. -- highest ranks: #1 - astro #1 - yoonsanha #1 - parkjinwoo #1 - kimmyungjun #1 - leedon...
Astro Imagines by solangelho
Astro Imaginesby solangelho
Reader x Astro imagines !!! (For the most part these are gender neutral also) (Note: some imagines will be edited from time to time whenever i notice typos or something...
Soloist (EunwooXReader) [COMPLETED] by kpop_assassin
Soloist (EunwooXReader) [COMPLETED]by Wannabe_Y/N
Y/N got into Fantagio Entertainment and began the journey to debut but a few weeks before the debut Y/N gets to meet the other groups, especially ASTRO, specifically Cha...
bruises | nct by crystaljaems
bruises | nctby 🐰
"i can't tell you why, i'd let you kill me with a smile." "it's easy to play with your mind." gang/mafia au. ⚠️ trigger warnings⚠️ : mental health ta...
starry sky || binwoo by renjjjun
starry sky || binwooby Cae
❝should i bring my maid costume, as well?❞ ---- Universes aligned, and from then on, they had the stars, just as the stars had them. [COMPLETED] < 아스트로 >
Astro Imagines⭐️ by candystar897
Astro Imagines⭐️by Peaxchy_Noon
Enjoy~ Request are opened! Please read the first page!
Admin Book  by moonxcomet
Admin Book by 🌙 Luna 🌙
A book where I rant, talk, etc