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The Angelic wolf (Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
The Angelic wolf (Yoonmin) *Comple...by RosetheK
Jimin is a rare wolf that doesn't have a pack. He roams around in order not to get caught by humans. However, he goes on another packs territory and the head Alpha isn't...
Ball Masqué (YOONMIN) by yoonsmimi
Ball Masqué (YOONMIN)by Jimins_shadow
A short story where two rivals fall in love with each other~ [cross-posted on twitter @/jiminssi030]
The Boy Next Door | Yoonmin ✔ by orangexmint
The Boy Next Door | Yoonmin ✔by | Marshall |
Previously titled "Orange Mint" ________________ Jimin likes poetry, music and a cute boy with mint green hair that lives in the apartment building across from...
All I Want | Yoonmin  by ItsJustSammi
All I Want | Yoonmin by Yoongi’s Pied Piper
Making decisions can be scary sometimes. Especially when you're unsure of what those consequences will be if you follow through with them. However, our fears are someti...
Idol - Yoonmin by jemmargh
Idol - Yoonminby Jemmargh
Min Yoongi and Kim Taehyung were childhood friends with different passions in life; one choosing dance and the other rap. What happens when one of their careers takes o...
✓  Lost Garden • [Yoonmin] by KSBBAA18
✓ Lost Garden • [Yoonmin]by ❛ ᵈᵒⁱˡᵒᵒᵏⁿᵒʳᵐᵃˡ ❜
' Why do you call this 'lost garden',your highness? ' ' Because only the lost soul comes around here to find peace. ' ' I want to stay here and be a piece of this place...
Chasing clouds (Yoomin) by Bambam_the_dab_lord
Chasing clouds (Yoomin)by Haoudoin
When Taehyung shows Jimin his favorite idol group, Jimin is star struck by a certain black haired boy that has a love for naps.
✔️ | Boys | Yoonmin by DestinyErza
✔️ | Boys | Yoonminby 💕
They were both boys, one hyper and one quiet yet they liked each other, way more then friends.
Lil meow meow - Yoonmin by jemmargh
Lil meow meow - Yoonminby Jemmargh
Min Yoongi is a hybrid little who's living on the streets after running away. Jimin, an author, finds Yoongi and instantly takes an interest. The two quickly form a bo...
Romance - YoonMin One Shot by WaitsForJimin
Romance - YoonMin One Shotby WaitsForJimin
Jimin should realize how jealous he makes Yoongi
Mine only | Yoonmin by PlsPassTheHolyWater
Mine only | Yoonminby PlsPassTheHolyWater
Yoongi finds himself starting to feel more possessive and protective over a certain band mate
heather by pr3ttys0uls
heatherby alex :0
"i wish i were heather" "no you don't, heather wishes she were you" a short story, inspired by Conan Gray - Heather
Teddy bears and lollipops - Yoonmin by jemmargh
Teddy bears and lollipops - Yoonminby Jemmargh
Jimin lives in his own cotton candy world, how will Min Yoongi feel after finding out his cotton candy prince is a little. ...
Cold - Yoonmin by jemmargh
Cold - Yoonminby Jemmargh
"I think you're like a cute, grumpy kitty cat~" "I hope not because I'm allergic to cats." A story in which Park Jimin falls for the 'cold' Min Yoong...
My love for a human (Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
My love for a human (Yoonmin) *Com...by RosetheK
Jimin is a hybrid that was mistreated by his old master and because of that he is petrified of humans. While in a adoption center, he got adopted by a man who he knows i...
Scientific terms  (Yoonmin) [COMPLETED] by yoonminislife11
Scientific terms (Yoonmin) [COMPL...by ❤
Jimin accidently ends up texting a science major instead of his best friend. Jimin: Tae! TaeTae🐯💜: Who's this? Jimin: Tae, stop playing dumb. It's me, Jimin. TaeTae🐯�...
Hybrid - Yoonmin by jemmargh
Hybrid - Yoonminby Jemmargh
In which cat hybrid Jimin gets all the love from his new owner Yoongi who is just as curious about his new kitten as he is him. Does Yoongi even know anything about hyb...
Fluffy - Yoonmin by jemmargh
Fluffy - Yoonminby Jemmargh
A story in which Yoongi accidentally orders a hybrid online. Will they give up at the thought of not being alone when Yoongi realises or will they accept, learn and gro...
Dancer of Hearts (Yoonmin) *Completed* by RosetheK
Dancer of Hearts (Yoonmin) *Comple...by RosetheK
Yoongi is a guy in love with his best friend Hoseok but when Hoseok leaves for two months due to personal matters, a new dancer comes along to teach them. Will Yoongi le...
Yoongi centric oneshots by btsxmagical
Yoongi centric oneshotsby fluff world
A bunch of Yoongi centric oneshots. Oneshots or maybe twoshots too and this book will be filled with lots of fluffy contents. Request are open ❤